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By Team Session AI on March 6, 2019

The 4 forms of personalized intervention your enterprise needs

Today’s consumers are rarely in one place for too long, and leading enterprises are creating customer engagement strategies that are always right there with them. These enterprises are learning how their customers can be engaged across a multitude of scenarios, and then personalizing various forms of intervention that are optimized to resonate in-the-moment. But how?

There are many forms of personalized intervention that can be utilized throughout the customer journey, all of which should be deployed based on behavioral patterns and real-time input from customers. Here are the primary forms of personalization found in today’s most successful customer engagement strategies:

1 | Disruptive personalization

Disruptive personalization takes the form of any intervention that interrupts a customer’s online experience, using the element of surprise to delight users with a personalized offer or message. This type of personalization could be a pop-up box, bottom-of-page scroller, or other attention-grabbing call out. Regardless, disruptive tools can effectively capture the eye of a customer while they shop or browse your website. This type of personalized intervention is highly-actionable and works well for customers who require an urgency-based message or discount in order to complete a transaction: “Sean, only 5 left in stock! Click to order now.”

2 | Seamless personalization

Unlike disruptive personalization, seamless personalization is almost indistinguishable from the customers’ online browsing experience on the site itself. It takes the form of on-page elements, such as sidebars, call-outs, and more, each of which are designed to blend in with the design of your site. This makes personalization feel baked right into the customer experience. Seamless personalization lends itself to customers who may need a confidence boost before they buy: “Karen: 45 customers rated this dress with 5 Stars. Click here to read their reviews.”

3 | Mobile personalization

A key part of any modern customer engagement strategy, mobile personalization reaches customers on their smartphones via push notifications and in-app messages and offers. It has the power to personalize any experience, no matter where a customer happens to be—however, mobile personalization is most effective when it is deployed strategically. Paired with store WiFi data, personalized mobile intervention can be deployed when a customer’s phone enters within range of the store, which makes it particularly effective at creating foot traffic. As such, it works well for convenience-based messages that include timely offers and loyalty point reminders: “Your loyalty points expire in 10 days, John. Stop in today to redeem 25% off.”

4 | In-store personalization  

While mobile personalization drives foot traffic, in-store personalization directs it. The use of in-store WiFi beacons detects which shoppers have connected to the store’s wireless network, and perimeter technology invisibly divides the store into separate “zones.”  As shoppers move throughout the store with their smartphones, businesses can deploy mobile messages—or even in-store associates—to enhance customers’ in-store experience. This helps them find exactly what they’re looking for, and even deals they didn’t expect to discover: “Beth, shop up to 50% off women’s apparel. Click to see store map.”

Enabling these fundamental forms of personalized intervention allows enterprises to build customer engagement strategies that meet customers right where they are, physically and mentally. When enhanced with an intelligent Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, these personalized interventions can be deployed strategically to match customers’ context, mindset, and history of shopping behavior.

Session AI optimizes each of these four core types of personalized intervention, using ML to ensure that they resonate with customers to drive online and in-store conversion. Learn more about Session AI’s intelligent solution, and contact us to enable a deeply personalized customer engagement strategy today.

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