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By Leslie Weller on March 18, 2022

Get the edge with real-time marketing and personalization

Understanding visitor intent is arguably the greatest challenge for sellers in the digital marketplace. After all, it’s a process that’s riddled with blind spots. With returning loyal customers you can rely to some extent on previously collected first-party data to provide offers and incentives, but that can’t always address the customer’s needs in the moment. Meeting the needs of unknown visitors while they peruse your site is largely a guessing game. Some in-session marketing efforts include an allotment of socially proofed items or testimonials associated with clicked items, but this is only one step toward personalization that only goes so far. 

In a recent survey, 94% of consumers say they look for an offer or special deal while shopping online, and 62% said they wouldn’t even complete the purchase without searching for a deal1. More significantly, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with businesses that make the effort to provide relevant offers and recommendations2. So, the question stands: How can brands ensure that sales conversions from offers are cultivating customer loyalty to provide reliable revenue forecasts and planning? 

Session AI has the answer to this question.

Better customer engagement and revenue prediction

Session AI’s RevPredict Program enables brands to understand visitor intent while in-session to help deliver a more meaningful customer experience. This real-time insight can identify known visitors and unknown visitors, as well as determine those who are likely to buy, unlikely to buy, and engage visitors who are on-the-fence toward conversion.

RevPredict is an interactive dashboard that uses your website’s or mobile app’s real-time data to help identify and measure value, using Session AI’s AI-driven predictive analytics. The machine learning models can accurately predict both known and unknown visitors who are most likely to complete a transaction in real time. 

RevPredict Program Dashboard

Analyze segments for personalized offers

By identifying visitors who are likely to buy, unlikely to buy, and those who are on-the-fence, you have the opportunity to see how you can influence them with in-session offers to drive conversions and incremental revenue. And by delivering more personalized offers, you can  increase revenue while still preserving margins.

Deep and accurate analytics derived from the intuitive dashboard enable you to gain insights and recommendations on how to use RevPredict to optimize predictive engagement tactics that best suit your business.

With third-party cookies planned for phase-out in 2022, along with the need to meet the growing consumer demand for more personalized engagement and relevant offers, the next logical step for online brands is to take advantage of AI and machine learning to enhance customer experience and make every visit count. 

Watch this video to learn more about Session AI’s RevPredict Program.

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