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By Debjani Deb, CEO & Co-founder on December 29, 2019

Every year Silicon India magazine features leaders and their organizations that pave new paths in multiple veins of technology, display sustained growth and create value for their employees and customers alike. We are very excited that the magazine placed Session AI in this elite group and recognized us as one of the Top 100 Most Promising Technology Companies, founded and managed by Indians in the U.S.

A panel comprising proficient CEOs, CIOs, VCs, founders, analysts, and SiliconIndia’s editorial board determines the top 100 companies that offer the most promising technology solutions. This recognition validates Session AI’s innovative approach to customer engagement to emerge as the #1 AI-powered personalization platform.

Below is the summary of Silicon India’s interview with Debjani Deb, CEO and co-founder of Session AI.

“Companies have long prioritized improving customer interaction touchpoints as a critical tenet to enhance their brand value. But the narrow focus on maximizing customer satisfaction at siloed touchpoints only presents a distorted picture of the customer’s experience with a company,” according to Silicon India.

Session AI’s in-session marketing platform (ISM) is breaking these silos to provide insights through an omnichannel view of the customer journey. It uses this intelligence to transform the way businesses interact with their visitors through various digital channels.

“The company offers a next-generation AI-powered real-time customer engagement platform, Session AI in-session marketing, which provides businesses an ‘in-the-moment’ view of each visitor”

– Debjani Deb, CEO of Session AI

“It all starts with data,” Debjani told Silicon India. The platform creates a 360-degree view of every customer by pulling in data from a company’s enterprise systems and digital touchpoints, as well as environmental variables like geolocation, weather, and events. It then analyzes each customer’s current activity (streaming data analysis) and historical activity and makes predictions using AI and ML. Based on these predictions, Session AI delivers a notification or message that is meaningful to the customer.

“Consider a customer is surfing through an e-commerce website to purchase a handbag,” Debjani explained. “Our ISM platform—running in the background—goes through the customer’s search and purchase history, and various other essential details to intuitively figure out the customer’s propensity to buy that product, whether he/she is sensitive to the shipping cost, and so on.”

The platform then enables the e-commerce retailer to provide a relevant incentive to the customer before they end the session.

“In fact, within five clicks of a session, Session AI ISM can predict if the user will checkout or not regardless of whether they are an existing customer,” Debjani said.

In the pursuit to deliver success, Session AI’s appetite for innovation has been the most significant driver behind its growth. And the company continues to invest in enhancing its deep learning and machine learning models, Debjani added.

Read the complete article in Silicon India magazine here.

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