New year, new customer engagement strategy

By Team Session AI on January 6, 2018

The Top Resolutions for Your Business in 2019

Last year, 40% of Americans made a New Year’s resolution to better themselves or improve their lives in 2018. Now that 2019 is just days away, the season of resolutions is back—and there’s no better time for businesses to set New Year’s goals of their own.

Experts predict that 2019 will be a year of innovative marketing personalization, particularly with the emergence of advanced, technology-driven customer engagement hitting the market in recent years. We’ve put together the top three resolutions that will keep your business on the cutting-edge of personalized customer engagement in 2019 and beyond.

  1. | Become A Data-Driven Business

    Collect it, store it, stream it, optimize it—insightful customer data is the lifeblood of any effective customer engagement strategy. With a wealth of customer data at your fingertips, your business will be positioned to engage and delight customers on a 1:1 level during every interaction.

    With so many customers to consider and vast amounts of online and in-person data to collect and aggregate, this resolution can seem overwhelming at first. But by installing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or other data management tools, your business can rapidly begin gathering actionable customer insights. Just ensure that the technology you choose to follow through on this resolution is robust enough to empower you to create individual profiles for 1:1 customer engagement.

  2. | Harness Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Once your business is collecting customer data from various online and in-store sources, it’s time to begin your next resolution: leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to act on data-driven customer insights.

    Like the first resolution, this goal is much more approachable than it first appears; once you have systems in place to collect  data, it can rapidly be enhanced with the intelligence of AI and ML to take your customer engagement to a new level in 2019. Advanced AI and ML models enable real-time personalization activities that are designed to resonate with each customer on an individual level. Acting to implement these tools in 2019 will put your business on track to begin building satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue as soon as possible—in fact, IDC predicts that these tools will reduce customer attrition 20% by 2020.

  3. | Create Multi-Channel Customers

    Finally, the last step to optimizing customer engagement in 2019 is to actively train customers to become multi-channel shoppers. Multi-channel shoppers and customers are individuals who are willing to interact and transact with your brand across a number of online and in-store channels, driving higher satisfaction and increased spend.

    Multi-channel customers are created by regularly deploying real-time, ML-powered intervention that caters to customers’ needs in their current context, whether they are on their laptop, browsing their mobile phone, or walking through a shopping mall. These messages incentivize customers to take action in-the-moment and continue their customer journey on the channel most readily available. By resolving to create a next-gen customer engagement strategy in 2019, your business is also working towards the  creation of multi-channel customers.

ZineOne is an AI-powered Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) that work with any enterprise system and enrich the data with advanced AI and ML models for real-time engagement that resonates. By taking the first step with ZineOne in 2019, your business will be well on your way to achieving the year’s top customer engagement resolutions. Contact us to get started.

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