Preparing for NRF 2020: Retail’s big show

By Team Session AI on March 6, 2020

Your pre-show reading list

As the U.S.’s largest private-sector employer—contributing $2.6 trillion to the annual GDP—retail plays a major role in shaping the business landscape across industries. At the center of today’s retail movement is the National Retail Federation (NRF), which hosts an annual event that brings together 38,000 attendees and 16,000 retailers to share visionary ideas, plans, and innovations that are driving the industry.

This year, NRF 2020 will be held January 12-14, and will feature over 800 exhibitors presenting on topics surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), customer experience, in-store technology, e-commerce, and more. To maximize your experience at the show, it is important to freshen up on the state of the industry, uncovering the top trends and innovations driving the retail conversation today. To assist in this effort, we’re rounded up five critical resources to read before attending Retail’s Big Show:

#1 Predictions 2020: B2B marketers pivot from products to experiences

This year, Forrester predicts that we will see a change in the relationship between providers and consumers, as organizations shift away from a product-first approach to engagement to an experience-first approach. Specifically, sellers will engage more with buyers in digital transactions, organizations will expand sales enablement tools into marketing, and will leverage AI-powered decision making and automation. 

#2 Marketing superstars scale personalization to create loyal customers

Consumers have high expectations for the brands with which they interact, expecting genuine, authentic, and relevant outreach at every turn. In this infographic from ZineOne, you will learn how to strengthen your retail marketing program by pairing historical data, in-the-moment context, and environmental factors to make every customer feel like a superstar.

#3 The 2019 holiday season: Shoppers are ready to spend but retailers need to personalize

In the midst of the holiday season, McKinsey & Company explores the evolving relationship between retailers and consumers during the holidays, a time period that drives upwards of 30 percent of retails’ total annual sales. Analyzing findings from their 2019 Holiday Season Shopping Report, the article explores emerging trends that will have a major impact on retail, such as the rise of omni-channel shopping, consumer pre-purchase researching, and the desire for attractive, relevant, and convenient offers.

#4 Top 8 intelligent digital engagement strategies

Too often, retailers lack the real-time insight and relevant data sources needed to establish long-lasting customer loyalty. In this eBook, ZineOne covers eight top intelligent digital engagement strategies that e-commerce retailers can engage in to unleash a 360° view of their customer data, ultimately allowing e-commerce companies to utilize 1:1 personalization at scale to deliver highly accurate recommendations that will resonate with customers and drive sales, loyalty, and lifetime value.

#5 The future of retail is closer than you think

Every modern retailer has access to digital capabilities that can strengthen consumer relationships, but the leaders of retail are pushing further by adopting newly-emerged, post-digital technologies. This research report by Accenture sheds light on how retailers can stay ahead of the curve and operationalize their competitive strategies, developing a future-ready, data-driven enterprise.  

Interested in learning more about the technology driving retail? Be sure to stop by Booth #963 at NRF 2020 to speak with one of our technology experts and learn how our AI-powered in-session marketing platform allows retailers to harness customers’ historical, real-time, and contextual data to deliver 1:1 personalization. 

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