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By Team Session AI on March 6, 2020

Top takeaways from NRF 2020

Just like that, NRF 2020 has come to a close. From a live caricature artist who drew the crowds to a food truck alley, Retail’s Big Show was not shy of intertwining fun into the agenda.

When it came to the main events, NRF offered a number of sessions, talks, and tours that plotted a trajectory for the retail industry in the coming years. Notably, Steve McDermott, co-Founder of Growth Dr1vers and, led the Expo tour centering on Artificial Intelligence throughout the Javits Convention Center, where attendees met ZineOne technology experts and learned more about how our AI-driven Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) hub uses real-time, environmental, and historical customer data to power 1:1 interactions.

The true highlights of NRF 2020 came from within the minds of retail’s most innovative and future-forward speakers.

For those who didn’t get to attend the Expo or didn’t get a chance to check out these sessions, here are three of our favorite presentations and top takeaways from each:

  1. Michelle Gass, Kohl’s | Omni-channel & Partnerships

    Kohl's CEO at NRFBeginning the conference on a high note, Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass touched upon her Greatness Agenda, which set an aspirational goal for the company. When the plan encountered speed bumps, Gass discussed organization adjustments she made—specifically mentioning a shifting focus to omni-channel—and the company’s ability to win key partnerships with Amazon as integral for Kohl’s continued success. Later, she dove specifically into their active and wellness apparel lines, which have been a growing category for the company, and further emphasized the important role establishing key relationships with brands like Adidas, Fitbit, Under Armour, and Nike played in their 2019 growth.

  1. Neela Montgomery, Crate & Barrel | Customer Loyalty & Digital Marketing

    Crate & Barrel CEO Neela Montgomery focused on the important role storytelling plays in building customer loyalty. Where once the brand story was told via television ads, she emphasized that now digital marketing channels like Instagram are playing an increasingly important role in building customer loyalty. While advertising is transitioning to the digital realm, Montgomery emphasized that the brick-and-mortar store still plays an important role in the shopping experience. With 25 million customers interacting with Crate & Barrel associates in store each year, she mentioned innovative tactics they are employing—such as an on-site restaurant and a Zola registry partnership—to elevate the in-store experience.

  1. Ron Johnson, Enjoy | Exceptional Experiences

    Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy, the first mobile retail store aimed to bring anything the customer wants—from premium companies such as AT&T, Google, and Apple—delivered straight to your door, focused on the important role technology can play in driving memorable experiences. Specifically, Johnson honed in on the value of establishing an emotional connection throughout the customer journey, stating that to sustain a premium brand over time, a retailer must connect with the head and the heart of their consumer base. In his business, he accomplishes this by customizing offers and outreach to customer segments’ differing preferences to drive greater value.

With NRF 2020 now at an end, our team at ZineOne is looking forward to continuing to drive value for our customers by always remaining on the pulse of the consumer’s evolving preferences and adapting our solution for the retail realities of the future. Find out how by talking to a ZineOne expert today.

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