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By Dan Silver on March 12, 2023

We are delighted to introduce you to Session AI, the newly rebranded and renamed evolution of ZineOne. Since our inception, we have been supremely focused on creating a more powerful and efficient way for brands to understand and take action on consumer behaviors. To do this effectively, we’ve homed in on the most important component of relevance, which is real-time and in the moment.

We call this “the golden moment”, the 150 seconds a typical consumer stays on a brand’s online property, and this golden moment happens in session. A session meaning the singular point in time that a user is active on your online property. It’s through a more effective understanding of this moment that is the key to unlocking opportunity for ecommerce brands. 

When we looked at what our brand has become through the years, we felt that our name, our purpose and our core identity had evolved and we needed to make that evolution abundantly clear for our clients, our partners and ecosystem at large. With the help of London-based design agency, Egg we developed the following brand identity.

This is Session AI.

Our brand purpose: The reason why we exist

We power the in-session opportunity. Knowledge is power and our AI provides a new way of understanding, uncovering and converting consumer intelligence signals in a privacy-first world.

Our brand idea: The concept that we seek to bring to life — visually, verbally, and symbolically through our name and identity

Potential Unlocked. This is the untapped opportunity that arises in understanding the golden moment when someone is active on your digital property.

Our product proposition: The aim we live up to through our product development

Make Every Session Count. In the moment intelligence, optimization, conversion & value creation.

Our brand pillars: The key themes that we leverage through our tone of voice & core brand communication

We are:
  • Boundary Breakers
  • Value Creators
  • Light Touch & Privacy First
  • Unalike & Unafraid
  • Empowering Our Clients & Our People

Our story:

We are boundary breakers

The world of ecommerce has a problem, brands spend money to drive traffic to their site for that effort to be wasted. Their audiences aren’t captured, engaged, or converted; they remain anonymous and misunderstood. In this world, we’ve created a solution – a means to understand, to uncover, and to make every visit matter. We recognize consumers, we view them as real people, who can be quantified and engaged.

We are value creators

With Session Al the unknown becomes known. Each visit is an opportunity to be capitalized on. Each visitor represents possibility that we can predict and unlock. Each brand has 150 seconds, a golden opportunity, a moment in time to add and create value. With Session Al brands make more of that moment, we provide a playbook for success, giving each brand a competitive advantage that they can use to drive sales, target effectively, and deliver positive ROI.

We are light touch & privacy first

The world has changed, consumers no longer want to be tracked, traced, and unscrupulously understood. But rather than existing in a world of unethical tactics our knowledge is based on clickstream, it’s light touch and privacy approved. Session Al was created for the privacy-first world, and as such we respect consumers and can be a bright spark in the darkness guiding brands who are struggling to innovate and move their business forward.

We are unalike & unafraid

We were built on a belief that any problem has a solution, it just needs the right minds and right thinking. We see opportunity where others see challenges, we see possibility where others push back. With this in mind, we move forward, boldly, assured, and unconstrained by our category norms or conventions. We will think different, act better, and engage more as we improve our offering and define the principles that make in-session marketing its own white space.

We empower our clients & our people

Intelligence is what we offer; that and the ability to convert it, use it, and make it work for you. We give our clients the key to observing, serving, and engaging their consumers, enabling them to unlock infinite potential. For our people we do the same, we encourage them to be bold, bright, and unafraid; to dream and think big.

We are Session Al and we make the unknown, known. The hidden, understood and the anonymous, engaged. We are Session AI and we believe in capitalizing on opportunity, uncovering possibility, and actively utilizing it to achieve success. We are Session AI and we are potential unlocked.

Our brand identity:


The inspiration behind our logo is the data that feeds our intelligence, clicks. The logo represents a cursor on the right, with the trailing 4 lines the previous clicks. The lines increasing in size leading up to the cursor illustrate movement, alluding to the real-time nature of our solution. All together, making up the 5 clicks that help us predict real-time intent.


Our color palette is inspired by the “golden moment” concept, represented by the “golden hour”, the short period of time at sunset and sunrise. Primarily made up of “electric yellow”, “lavender”,  and “midnight blue”.

We are excited to finally launch our new brand. We hope you like it as much as we do. Let’s make 2023 the year of in-session marketing and finally unlock all of your potential.

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