Shoptalk is back and live in Las Vegas

By Carlyn Manly on March 16, 2022

Session AI CEO Debjani Deb speaks on customer engagement and personalization

Shoptalk, one of the biggest trade events in e-commerce, is back on stage this year in Las Vegas, NV. Representatives of the Session AI team – including CEO and Co-Founder Debjani Deb – are excited to participate in this massive event, getting the best out of the opportunities to share and learn about the latest developments in retail technology and customer engagement. Thousands of retail professionals are representing the vast retail ecosystem with nearly 500 sponsors and exhibitors, including big brands like Google, Salesforce and There will also be over 250 speakers from some of the most notable names in retail, covering a wide array of topics of great relevance and importance for today’s retailers.

Shoptalk 2022 event

The Shoptalk event provides retailers with the ability to share and explore the latest technologies, trends and business models, as well as the rapid evolution of consumer purchasing behavior in a wide range of industries, from apparel to electronics and more.

Representatives of leading retail brands from around the world attend every year to improve their knowledge of retail’s latest technologies and to collaborate with peers, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators and others in an open, friendly environment. Key among featured events are the hosted meetings, exclusive dinners, demonstrations on the show floor of innovations in technology, and especially the scheduled speaking sessions, where e-commerce and retail leaders present their insights on learnings and developments that can help make a shift for the industry at large.

Debjani Deb, Sesisson AI CEO and Co-Founder, Shares the Stage

In the session on Marketing and Personalization Solutions, scheduled for Tuesday, March 29, 10:00am – 10:40am, five leaders in retail will present their solution, followed by a group discussion on how customer expectations make tailored, personalized shopping experiences an imperative. One of the leading speakers, Session AI CEO, Debjani Deb, will focus on the importance of real-time customer engagement and direct personalization. 

Speaking on the core principles of Session AI”s in-session marketing platform, Debjani will provide an overview of how the platform enables retailers to engage with both known and unknown site visitors to identify those who are likely to buy, unlikely to buy, and those customers who are on-the-fence and influenceable toward conversion. One of the salient points of her session will be on the importance of the integrated use of AI and machine learning to facilitate real-time engagement, which is the next logical step for retailers to take in their efforts to meet demands in the multi-screen consumer world.

If you’re going to Shoptalk and would like an introductory meeting with Debjani Deb, please sign up here.

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