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AI-based personalization in the age of rising consumer expectations

As the digital world is now often exceeding television transmission speeds consumers are also demanding a better than real-time experience. To deliver such an experience, and engage instantly with the customer “in-the-moment” (widely considered the “Holy Grail of Marketing) requires a modern approach. Personalization is a crucial weapon in a marketer’s arsenal in delivering a […]

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The Differentiated Experience

Automating the In-the-Moment Customer Journey with ML In ZineOne’s Thought Leadership Interview series, we sit down with experts from across industries to discuss the latest movements and technologies transforming the customer experience. For years, retailers relied solely on top of funnel insight to drive value for customers. When a new customer landed on a website, […]

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Safe, Satisfying Travels

Achieving Hospitality Excellence in Every Hotel Customer Journey Hospitality today is centered around creating 1:1 traveler experiences. To do so, hotels, casinos, travel sites, and car rental companies must focus on nurturing travelers at each stage of their customer journey: delivering personalized and relevant offers and insight before bookings and arrival, providing value-added and timely […]

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The personalized hospitality customer journey

How hospitality providers drive next-generation customer experiences  From old-school bed and breakfasts to international resort chains, the objective of a hotel is to serve as a home away from home. But a customer’s home is attuned to them. So, how can a hotel provide customers with personal, hospitable experiences—from before they book to the end […]

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Charting the course to 1:1 customer personalization

Taking an omni-channel approach to the customer journey Picture this: Elizabeth is shopping for women’s knit sweaters at her favorite department store. After giving the clerk her email and opting in for offers and updates, she leaves the store with two new sweaters. Two days later, she receives an email with the following subject line: […]

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