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Building Lasting Loyalty in the Changing Quick Serve Setting

How Restaurants Can Adapt to the New Norm to Build Consumer Confidence The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused dramatic changes to the food service industry. With health and safety concerns top of the mind, consumer behavior changed overnight from eating as a shared experience to eating to survive. From complete shutdown, some temporary and some […]

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The lasting impact of the loyalty programs for quick service restaurants

Breaking down personalization in quick service restaurant reward programs Over the next few weeks, we are exploring personalization strategies employed in loyalty programs across various industries. In our first installment, we addressed loyalty programs in retail banking. In this, our second installment, we’re covering some of Quick Service Restaurants’ most rewarding loyalty schemes. Consider this: […]

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The personalization push

QSR’s Big Technology Push to Activate 1:1 Customer Personalization In September 2019, McDonald’s announced its intention to acquire Apprente, a voice-based conversational technology company, in order to facilitate drive-thru ordering today, and kiosk and mobile ordering in the future. This acquisition comes on the heels of the company’s March purchase of Dynamic Yield, McDonald’s largest acquisition in 20 […]

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Serving up in-the-moment personalization

Real-Time, Omni-Channel Engagement in the Modern Quick Service Restaurant and Convenience Store Imagine this: as lunch time approaches, Dave peruses vegetarian menu options at a local quick service restaurant (QSR) from his desktop, placing an order of veggie burger with no cheese, and a cookie in his cart. In a rush to get to a […]

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