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90% of your traffic is anonymous

Do you know less than 40% of your sight visitors? Less than 30%? If your answer is less than 10%, you are not alone. Data privacy is on the rise and it’s gaining momentum with laws like GDPR, CCPA, and similar regulations in the works across various states. Combine that with the big platforms restricting ID’s to create walled gardens and you’ll understand why it’s becoming harder to acquire data about your site visitors — and manage the data you already have.

Early booking predictions

Our patented Customer DNA™ technology is a real-time sequence based approach to feeding machine learning (ML) models. Based on the first few clicks in-session, we calculate several dozen inputs in real-time and feed those into our ML models to determine whether that visitor is likely to book, unlikely to book, or is on-the-fence.

Customer DNA™

Our early booking predictions accurately identify whether a visitor will:

Book in this session
Return within 7/15/30 days
Enter booking flow
Abandon booking
Add ancillary services

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Make every session count

How to personalize booking experiences for anonymous visitors

Synthesize micro-behaviors

from in-session activities

Use machine learning

for live segmentation and personalized triggers

Create in-session experiences

to drive incremental revenue

Unlock new revenue

In-session marketing segmentation use cases

Air travel: Bonus miles

On-the-fence shoppers are influenceable, meaning that they respond well to incentives. Offer bonus loyalty miles if they complete their booking during the visit to significantly lift conversion rates for this segment.

Cruise lines: FOMO

Drive urgency for on-the-fence consumers with social proof and inventory messaging. For the on-the-fence audience, we’ve seen fear of missing out (FOMO) messaging result in a 15% RPV lift for some of our customers — without giving away any additional incentives.

Hotels: Free cancellation

The key point here is to make it feel special. For example, if you do not typically offer free cancellation, doing so can be a highly effective lever to increase conversion rates for an on-the-fence session.

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