Data insights fuel hyper-personalized experiences for HDFC Bank


As the largest private bank of India, HDFC Bank is aware of the high expectations customers have of the brand. With 45% of its customer base active on its digital banking platform, HDFC Bank recognizes that making transactions secure, easy, and convenient is critical to acquiring and retaining customers. As a result, the Bank embarked on the road to digital transformation with the critical objective of providing its customers a seamless one-stop experience, across both digital channels and physical branches, for all their banking needs.

Download this case study to find out how HDFC Bank has partnered with ZineOne to achieve:

  • 2x more CTR vs BAU for Fixed Deposit (FD) campaign
  • 3.5% decrease in FD application drop off
  • 41.3% increase in credit card sign-ups
  • +44 NPS with relevant and timely engagement

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