Hyper-contextual customer engagement in banking


Connecting digital endpoints and data with AI

Today’s digitally-savvy and highly discerning consumers are accustomed to dealing with brands such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple in their day-to-day lives. These companies are adept at leveraging AI and ML to glean information about their customers, understand their needs and use this knowledge to cultivate loyalty through innovative and personalized offerings.

With customers’ appetite for new technology altering the way they consume banking services (think mobile banking, payments and more), consumers today expect the same level of highly individualized experience from their financial institution.

Download this case study to read how banks can put AI-powered customer experiences on their technology roadmap to stand out in the competitive landscape of fintech startups and other competing banks.

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Case study: Fortune 500 automotive accessories retailer 

During their first month with in-session marketing, the retailer saw a 22% conversion rate lift for anonymous and a 46% conversion rate lift for known on-the-fence sessions.

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