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Convert anonymous visitors with AI

Session AI, the most powerful AI in ecommerce, enables leading brands to convert anonymous consumers by their 5th click in-session without any PII — generating millions in new revenue.

Session AI at Adobe Summit

AI: Rewriting the Ecommerce Playbook for 2024

March 26, 1-2pm PT

In 2024, you have to make an impact with AI. The smartest e-commerce companies are embracing AI, changing the way they work and how they engage with their customers. Hear what’s working — and what’s not — and how people are innovating with AI.

Join this session to learn how AI is transforming the way customers discover products and make purchases, and explore the anticipated shifts in this landscape over the coming years. Additionally, the panel will explore the latest AI e-commerce use cases, which ones they think will last and how AI is directly driving outcomes, including margin and conversion.



Debjani Deb

Co-Founder & CEO, Session AI

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Scott Saeger

CIO, rue21

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Suzanne Scott

Former SVP, Digital, Tailored Brands

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Mike Edwards

Sr. Mgr, eCommerce, Caleres

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About Session AI

Session AI’s in-session marketing (ISM) platform is built for the world’s leading ecommerce companies. Our AI technology relies only on real-time behavioral data (clickstream), making it the perfect solution for a privacy-first world. Session AI is the only ISM platform that can predict the likelihood to purchase in 5 clicks for anonymous traffic and use that intelligence to engage and convert visitors in-session.

Leading brands have seen remarkable results, with millions in immediate incremental revenue.

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