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AI playbook for ecommerce conversation

AI: The playbook for ecommerce

AI is in the air this year. Hear how Mike Dupuis of SPARC Group, Colleen Waters of Steve Madden and Jenna Flateman Posner of Solo Brands are leveraging AI to drive results and improve the customer experience.

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Fewer promos, higher margins with in-session marketing: Tailored Brands Success Story Suzanne Scott

Fewer promos, higher margins with in-session marketing

Tailored Brands set out to increase conversions on their site and, over time, become less promotional. Listen in as Suzanne Scott highlights how in-session marketing helped achieve these goals while creating exceptional customer experiences.

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How Forever 21 is transforming shopping with AI

How Forever 21 is transforming shopping with AI

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds with AI. Learn how Forever 21 is building alignment and focus around AI initiatives to meet their business goals and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Furniture store

Furniture Retailer Sees $2.1M Added Revenue in First Year

By implementing targeted promotions and real-time offers, this furniture retailer improved conversion rate by 7% with Session AI.

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Hardware retailer

$11B Retailer Reduces Promotional Spending 35% with Session AI

By shifting away from sitewide discounts, this hardware retailer drove $9M in incremental revenue in their first year with Session AI.

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Health and wellness retailer

Specialty Retailer Achieves $17.7M in Annualized New Revenue with AI

In-session marketing gave this health and wellness retailer the tools to create relevant shopping experience for both known and anonymous shoppers, resulting in a 4.3% increase in sitewide conversion rate.

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Shirley Gao-PacSun

Why PacSun uses in-session marketing

The future is in-session. Hear from Shirley Gao, the visionary CIO of PacSun, on what makes in-session marketing the perfect solution to lift revenue and drive conversions in a privacy-first world.

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Case study: National home and furniture retailer

The advanced segmentation and targeting of Session AI have the brand projecting $6.1M in incremental revenue.

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Case study: One of the top names in footwear

The shift to Session AI has the retailer projecting a 5% move on $220M in ecommerce revenue and a 20x return on their investment.

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Multi-brand retailer increases revenue from anonymous visitors

Multi-brand retailer increases conversions by up to 15% per visitor, even for anonymous visitors.

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