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You’re busy. Don’t worry, these pieces below are designed to get to the point. Learn how top commerce brands use in-session marketing to get ahead in a privacy-first world.

The state of in-session marketing 2023: An ecommerce report

Download the state of in-session marketing 2023 ecommerce report to see retail trends and conversion data from leading brands.

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Shirley Gao-PacSun

Why PacSun uses in-session marketing

The future is in-session. Hear from Shirley Gao, the visionary CIO of PacSun, on what makes in-session marketing the perfect solution to lift revenue and drive conversions in a privacy-first world.

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Case study: National furniture retailer

Session-based segmentation uniquely allowed the retailer to increase CVR by 20% and sales by nearly $3 million.

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Case study: National home and furniture retailer

The advanced segmentation and targeting of Session AI have the brand projecting $6.1M in incremental revenue.

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Case study: One of the top names in footwear

The shift to Session AI has the retailer projecting a 5% move on $220M in ecommerce revenue and a 20x return on their investment.

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Case study: Fortune 500 automotive accessories retailer 

The accessories retailer realized $5.3M in incremental revenue for the within the first weeks of using Session AI.

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AI-based personalization provides 10%+ revenue uplift

In this case study, we delve into how Session AI enabled a top 10 U.S. retailer to drive online conversions with personalized and relevant in-session marketing.

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Multi-brand retailer increases revenue from anonymous visitors

Multi-brand retailer increases conversions by up to 15% per visitor, even for anonymous visitors.

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Major department store chain boosts revenue with next-gen social proof strategies

A leading department store recorded $52 million in incremental revenue by proactively showing social proof for high-demand products.

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A leading U.S. retailer achieved a 20% lift in revenue per visitor with real-time offers

By leveraging Session AI’s in-session marketing, the Retailer was able to deliver real-time offers to those visitors who were undecided about a purchase.

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