Case study

National home & furniture retailer

The advanced segmentation and targeting of Session AI have the brand projecting $6.1M in incremental revenue.

The results


in attributable incremental revenue


coupon redemption rate for the on-the-fence (OTF) segment


increase in email capture for the unlikely-to-buy segment


average lift in total revenue per visitor (RPV)


A national home and furniture retailer wanted to accelerate their digital transformation and improve online conversion rates in a privacy-first era. Faced with increasingly anonymous site traffic, the retailer’s promotional efforts couldn’t be targeted — resulting in reduced margins and a rapid spend in its offers budget as every session promoted the same discounts. Overcoming the challenge of anonymity required a new technology capable of segmenting unknown visitors.

How we helped

The retailer set a company goal to protect margins and optimize its promotions budget. In-session marketing’s (ISM) built-in clickstream analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning unveiled purchase predictions for unknown traffic through real-time behavioral analytics — enabling actionable segmentation for every session. This unlocked new capabilities for the retailer to test and measure the effectiveness of their promotions.

At the fifth click, the retailer can differentiate who is likely or unlikely to buy and who is on-the-fence. By emphasizing personal, in-session engagement for the influenceable OTF shoppers, the retailer achieved a 19% average lift in revenue per visitor.

Hip to coupon clip 

Coupon redemption was a major use case for the efficacy of in-session marketing. After just a few months, the furniture retailer saw coupon redemption rates jump to 67% for their anonymous, OTF segment.

Unlikely today, likely tomorrow

In-session marketing makes every session count — even for those unlikely-to-buy shoppers. Rather than engage this segment with a discount, the retailer presented an email capture with the promise of future promotions. After a few months, the furniture retailer saw a 10% increase in its email capture for their unlikely-to-buy segment, allowing them to stay in touch until this group is ready to make a purchase.

Say it louder

The retailer leveraged ISM to upgrade their social proof. Prominently displaying the number of views on every product description page helps their visitors see what items are trending and creates a sense of urgency to buy now as they may soon be sold out. Real-time price messaging is another tool in the retailer’s kit — allowing them to instill confidence in the consumer’s purchase decision by communicating that the product is currently at its lowest price in a set time frame.

Session AI ROI

Using Session AI, the furniture retailer uncovered unique segments based on our early purchase predictions. Being able to segment every session by purchase intent provides the insight needed to act on and realize their company-wide goal of improving margins and maximizing promotional efforts. The advanced segmentation and targeting of ISM have the brand projecting $6.1M in incremental revenue that’s directly attributable to in-session marketing.

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