Segment visitors without customer data

In our digital world, just collecting more personal data is not the best path to growth. Personal data is cost and risk. You need strategies that don’t depend on PII.

anonymous person shopping on phone

The world is increasingly anonymous

Up to 90% of site traffic is anonymous. Web users are choosing privacy, new laws restrict use of data, and approaches based on third-party cookies are now limited and expensive. It all adds up to an anonymous Internet that breaks old conversion strategies.

Nearly all effort is focused on known traffic

CDP, CRM, ESP, Personalization… Most marketing effort only works for known visitors or tries to identify the unknown. A marketing strategy that depends only on these old methods is doomed to escalating cost and decreasing effectiveness.

Convert the anonymous with AI

With in-session marketing from Session AI, you can raise conversion for 100% of site traffic, both anonymous and known. This AI segments visitors by their purchase intent, without any personal data, so you can get more conversion from every traffic source.

predictions within 5 clicks on footwear website

The new critical platform for conversion

Leading brands have discovered that Session AI provides the capability they need for today’s privacy-first Internet. Delivering real-time incentives based on purchase intent is the answer to the challenges of anonymous traffic and new privacy laws. Sell more with less PII—now that is a strategy for future growth.

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