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Session AI boosts ecommerce performance in several dimensions

Realizing the promise of AI for operations

In the daily grind of pricing, inventory, and channel management, there’s no time for unproven tools. Operations teams need to manage promotions, maintain inventory, and increase margin in the face of strong competition. In-session marketing is proven technology that offers new levers for you to exceed your goals, even reducing reliance on promotions to improve margin.

Reduce use of promotions

With in-session marketing, operations leaders can move from sitewide to targeted discounts, reducing promo spending while increasing conversion.

Reduce inventories without loss

When inventories build due to seasonality, broken sizes, or other reasons, Session AI provides levers to sell target SKUs at higher prices than could be realized with markdowns.

Raise product margins

By reducing overall discounting, Session AI increases product margins significantly.

Real-time actions boost site performance

With in-session marketing, there’s no need to sacrifice margin for conversion. Adding the ability to segment 100% of site traffic by purchase intent, brands can increase performance across multiple key areas including sales, margin, conversion, discount rate, inventories, and more.

In-session marketing: the future of digital operations

The ever-demanding 24-hour online marketplace is ready for AI technologies that deliver results. Session AI’s purpose-built marketing technology offers a large ROI multiple for brands. It’s today’s performance boost, and tomorrow’s necessity.

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