Increase product margin

Everything is getting more expensive. In-session marketing gives you AI perfectly built to maintain and grow your margins.

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Margins are under pressure

Cost of goods is rising. At the same time, consumers are getting more choosy about their purchases, and price discovery is easier than ever. While no industry is immune to cost pressure, in-session marketing provides critical levers for margin-positive sales.

Discounts and high inventories kill margin

Brands that rely on promo strategies to sell find it difficult to raise average sale prices. When inventories rise, it may be necessary to sell at a loss. These daily challenges are hard to address with old marketing technologies.

AI protects margin in new ways

Using an in-session marketing platform from Session AI, you can better target incentives to use fewer discounts while maintaining revenue. You can promote overstocked inventory to full-price buyers. With A/B testing and measurement built-in, you can continuously test and modify strategies as needed.

Put millions in the bottom line with real-time AI

With the ability to segment your site traffic and act in real time, Session AI provides the patented technology that boosts margin in multiple ways without impacting other effective strategies. You’ll add millions back to your margins and keep other metrics performing strongly. In a world of price pressures, in-session marketing keeps your brand above it all.

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