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You’re busy. Don’t worry, these pieces below are designed to get to the point. Learn how top commerce brands use in-session marketing to get ahead in a privacy-first world.

The state of in-session marketing 2023: An ecommerce report

Download the state of in-session marketing 2023 ecommerce report to see retail trends and conversion data from leading brands.

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blueprint for better margins with in-session marketing

Blueprint for better margins

See how brands can optimize promotional strategies and maximize margins through in-session marketing.

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How Verizon reimagines real-time consumer experiences

How Verizon reimagines real-time consumer experiences

Hear how Verizon responds to rising consumer expectations and drives innovation in real-time consumer experiences.

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Case study: Fortune 500 automotive accessories retailer 

During their first month with in-session marketing, the retailer saw a 22% conversion rate lift for anonymous and a 46% conversion rate lift for known on-the-fence sessions.

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Next-gen personalization

Next-gen personalization is powered by patented AI models that accurately predict purchase intent in-the-moment and automatically identify micro-segments to help brands deploy relevant experiences that

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Level up to real-time offers

This whitepaper explains how a top 10 U.S. department store embraced the power of next-gen personalization to become the most engaging retailer in America.

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Increase revenue and conversions for ecommerce

Boost revenue-driving results for all your site traffic — even anonymous — with ZineOne In-Session Marketing.

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Sasha Lucas of Verizon: In-Session Marketing Has Emerged as a New Paradigm

Sasha Lucas, VP & Head of Digital at Verizon shares her thoughts with Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, on how to engage anonymous visitors.

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