Upsell and cross-sell more effectively

A bigger cart is a big deal. With in-session marketing, you can increase average order value and sell through inventory.

Growth takes more than minimum sales

As your site traffic and customer base grow, you need to increase AOV also. But poorly targeted tactics can hurt margin, reduce conversion, or leave you with unsold inventory. In-session marketing lowers these risks by separating the visitors who are ready for a bigger purchase from those who would benefit from other incentives.

Different business strategies are at odds

We hear it all the time: A promotion that raises conversion also lowers AOV. An offer to increase AOV takes budget from new-customer promos. A new SKU or aging inventory needs attention. And different teams with different objectives argue over the priorities. Until now, there was no way to pursue multiple important goals on one platform.

Raise cart size with real-time targeted incentives

With Session AI’s in-session marketing technology, you can use the best strategy for every visitor. Those who are eager to buy will receive upsell or cross-sell incentives that increase AOV. These incentives can focus on specific inventories that need to move while saving promo budget and protecting conversion. Continuous experimentation lets you test and change strategies to grow performance over time.

An AI platform makes higher AOV possible

The new path to bigger cart sizes is Session AI. By segmenting your visitors according to their readiness to buy, you’ll direct upsell and clearance incentives where they are most effective. All without using any personally identifiable information. Now that is a big deal.

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