Convert anonymous

You got them to your site, now make the most of each session regardless of whether the visitor is anonymous or known

On average, 90% of site visitors are unknown

Whether they are first-time visitors or repeat, using incognito mode to browse or not …with leading edge machine learning from Session AI, you can discover every visitor’s likelihood to purchase within 5 clicks.

What your visitor is doing right now matters most

Customize the online user experience based on buying signals in that session. Last week they were researching a gift. Today they want something for themselves. Get sophisticated and offer them what they want at this moment.

How does it work?

With Session AI’s patented Customer DNA™ technology, we use continuous sequencing to calculate early purchase propensity scores using sophisticated models in real-time, at scale. We’ll work with your analytics, pricing and ecommerce teams to optimize and track key outcomes such as revenue lift, compared with control groups.

Deploy how you wish

Session AI’s in-session marketing platform can be leveraged as a complete solution with predictions, triggers and activation. And yet, you may choose to integrate Session AI’s intelligence layer with your own testing, promotions and personalization tools. The choice is yours.

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