Convert anonymous traffic

Every visitor could be your next customer. In-session marketing converts all traffic, including the anonymous.

The anonymous are now the majority

Up to 90% of site visitors are anonymous, even with matching. In-session marketing converts both known and anonymous visitors without any personally identifiable information.

Unknown traffic is breaking marketing strategies

It’s harder than ever to know your audience. With the loss of third-party cookies, new privacy laws, and changing consumer preferences, methods that rely on identifying your visitors have become expensive—and don’t work as well as they used to.

In-session marketing converts all traffic

With in-session marketing from Session AI, you have a platform that improves conversion rates and revenue for all traffic—both anonymous and known. In-session marketing works without any customer data, so it’s naturally in sync with a privacy-first world. In-session marketing is the new strategy that meets the needs of online brands operating at scale.

Predict and convert using visitor behavior

Session AI’s patented technology uses the event stream data on your site. By observing the pattern of clicks for each visitor, your in-session marketing platform calculates that person’s likelihood to make a purchase, then delivers the best incentive in real time, raising overall conversion. Built-in A/B testing proves the results. No matter who they are, make your next visitor your next customer.

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