Increase sign-ups and renewals with fewer discounts, leading to higher margins and growth. It’s the answer to the endless race to the bottom.

Some visitors are ready to sign up now, while others need an extra push. In-session marketing reserves incentives and high-touch assistance for the visitors who need them, so telecoms can keep and add subscribers at lower cost.

Predict and segment site traffic

Session AI’s patented technology observes the click pattern of each visitor on your site. After five clicks, the AI accurately predicts the likelihood that each visitor will complete a specific action—using only on-site behavior. With this data, visitors are segmented by their purchase intent.

Take the right action for each visitor

For each visitor segment, telecoms define actions to present in real time. Visitors who are influenceable can be offered incentives or assistance to sign up for service. Visitors who are eager to sign up can be offered add-on options instead of incentives. All actions can be switched on and off as needed and are continuously A/B tested for performance.

The right actions grow the subscriber base

Many telecoms provide live assistance and additional incentives to visitors who would have subscribed anyway. With segment-based actions, telecoms can better direct these high-cost tactics to the potential customers who need them. These companies quickly reduce average subscriber acquisition cost while also increasing conversion.

The real-time platform for the modern telecom

As their use of in-session marketing matures, telecoms use this AI to orchestrate more actions, even moving away from expensive advertised discounts. The unique power of Session AI delivers subscriber growth efficiently and without the need for any personal data.

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