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How can you tailor the experiences of active users when data privacy regulations are on the rise?

Analyze in-session behaviors

No two sessions are the same — each one has unique events (micro-behaviors) within each visit. Session AI leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from these micro-behaviors and create dynamic models using that data to enable in-session marketing.

Privacy and compliance

Session AI doesn’t rely on third-party cookies, personal identifiable information (PII), IDFAs, or user IDs to surface in-session intelligence. Telecommunications leaders can deliver compelling consumers experiences even for anonymous consumers.

Advanced machine learning

Session AI Customer DNA™ sequences clickstream behaviors to make early purchase predictions for each session. These purchase forecasts allow telecom companies to deliver tailored experiences to meet a consumer’s unique needs on a visit-by-visit basis.

Early purchase prediction

Knowing consumer intent is just the start. Early purchase prediction models from Session AI allow you to micro-target groups of visitors in-the-moment, whether that be with social proof, promotional incentives, product add-ons, and more.

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