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Session AI partners work every day with our customers at the forefront of in-session marketing

Partner program

The Session AI partner program offers substantial benefits to partners, including revenue and growth opportunities. Our customers gain further service options and innovation.

Solution partners

Session AI solution partners provide implementation and support services for in-session marketing platforms. Additionally, solution partners can provide new uses of in-session marketing data under license. 

Technology partners

Session AI technology partners provide site cartridges and other platform middleware that accelerates time to value for our customers.

“You have to think big and really different. We’ve gone beyond thinking of digital as a channel and started thinking of digital as the backbone of our transformation strategy.“

– Sasha Lucas, VP & Head of Digital at Verizon

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Session AI partners with Adobe as part of their Innovate program. We are also listed on the Adobe Commerce Cloud marketplace as well as available via the Adobe marketplace for Adobe Campaign.

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Session AI partners with Commerce Tools to unlock new segments based on consumer behaviors to predict intent and trigger experiences in real-time.

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Session AI partners with Salesforce to deliver in-session intelligence for anonymous and known visitors while integrating with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Session AI connector is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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HCL Commerce and Session AI work together to drive joint customer benefits, including privacy-compliant behavioral insights based on consumer purchase propensity. By segmenting which shoppers are “on-the-fence” you can trigger any HCL action in real-time.

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The addition of Session AI to the Pega Marketplace allows Pega Customer Decision Hub clients to make purchase intent decisions and deliver the next-best-action for web visitors in real-time, with privacy-compliant intelligence.

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By running on AWS, Session AI offers a multi-tenant SaaS solution that analyzes the click-stream data of site visitors in real-time and predicts their intent within five clicks. Session AI can purchased directly or through AWS Marketplace.

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Session AI is available for purchase in the Microsoft marketplace.

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