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Adobe Commerce

Session AI Connector for Adobe Commerce

Increase sales from your anonymous visitors on your high-volume commerce site. This is the only extension on the Adobe Commerce marketplace proven to drive incremental revenue with in-session intelligence. Session AI predicts purchase intent within 5 clicks so you can increase sales and improve conversion rates. You do not need any personally identifiable information nor CRM data.
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Adobe Campaign

Session AI Connector for Adobe Campaign

Session AI’s patented Machine Learning (ML) technology enables you to predict what your visitor will do next for better targeting and personalization through Adobe Campaign. We focus on clickstream data to predict the likelihoods of various outcomes.
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Predict buyer intent

Increase revenue from anonymous and known site visitors by predicting purchase intent within 5 clicks. No CRM data needed.

Codeless install

Easily install the Session AI extension to your Adobe Commerce (Magento) site and begin seeing machine learning predictions within a few hours.

High-volume retailers

Proven to to drive incremental revenue for large-scale mobile and desktop shopping sites using Session AI’s patented in-session intelligence.

Get started quickly

Within one day of install, learn which visitors on your ecommerce site are the most influenceable to increase sales and conversion rates, without knowing anything about them besides their in-session click behaviors.

Session AI Connector for Adobe Commerce

By extending your Adobe systems with Session AI, you will increase sales and optimize your purchase conversion rate by unlocking new segments never before available. Session AI offers a multi-tenant SaaS solution that analyzes the click-stream data of site visitors in real-time and identifies their intent within five (5) clicks. The joint solution allows you to take the appropriate next action within milliseconds, while the visitor is still on your site.

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

We focus on clickstream data to predict the likelihoods of various outcomes. That’s in-session intelligence.

Dynamic, Smarter Actions

Micro-behaviors are what drives each of your site visitors to act. Session AI synthesizes each visitor’s data, even for anonymous visitors, to deliver the right action for every visitor.

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