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Session AI provides tools to deliver efficient growth, without adding new privacy risks

The technology marketers need today

In the never-ending race for customers, the marketers that stay ahead adopt the most effective tools first. Personalization only goes so far. You need to drive revenue growth, high CVR, and overall campaign performance without PII. In-session marketing provides these new tools using behavior-based predictions that deliver real-time actions.

Grow ecommerce revenue

Session AI provides targeted actions that increase sales, including upsell and cross-sell opportunities for the visitors who will respond. A/B testing proves the impact.

Increase conversion

Session AI provides targeted incentives that raise CVR, especially of visitors who were unsure about buying.

Boost campaign performance

With Session AI, every session is more likely to convert with better margin and AOV. Now every dollar spent acquiring traffic drives more impact.

Deliver the right incentives in real time

With in-session marketing, there’s no need to guess. The powerful ability to segment 100% of site traffic by purchase intent focuses every action on the outcomes that matter: conversion and sales. And every real-time incentive is measured to show the financial performance.

In-session is what’s next for marketing leaders

In our privacy-first, highly competitive Internet marketplace, marketers are seeking the latest power that AI can offer. Marketers that use Session AI realize full return on investment in weeks, with large benefits following. It’s what’s next in martech.

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