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How Verizon reimagines real-time consumer experiences

Exclusive conversation featuring Diana Zaccardi, SVP, Digital Marketing and Base Management, and Chris Paul, VP of Digital, at Verizon.
72 %
Conversion rate lift
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72 %
Conversion rate lift

The future is in-session

Convert the anonymous

Up to 90% of visitors are anonymous, even with matching. In-session marketing converts known and anonymous visitors, delivering in ways your existing tools can’t.
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Reduce promotions

In-session marketing predicts purchase intent and delivers real-time actions in five clicks. This patented AI reduces sitewide promotions and discounting.
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No customer data needed

Changes in privacy laws and third-party cookie policies break your current marketing. In-session marketing converts visitors using only session data.
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How in-session marketing works

Session AI’s in-session marketing platform gives retailers the ability to market using visitor behavior, such as behavior that shows how likely a visitor is to complete a purchase during their session.
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Predicting shopper behavior
Step 1


When a visitor arrives on a website with in-session marketing, the AI observes their behavior in real-time.
Segment based on behavior
Step 2


Using this anonymous behavior, the AI predicts whether the visitor is likely to buy, on the fence, or unlikely to buy.
Convert the visitor
Step 3


With this prediction, the in-session marketing platform can deliver an immediate action to convert the visitor.
Predicting shopper behavior
Segment based on behavior
Convert the visitor
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Delivering real business impact with AI

higher conversion rate for site with 10M weekly sessions
increased sitewide revenue for $300M retailer
reduction in promotions, a $40M savings
annual ROI for $5B retailer

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Convert anonymous visitors with Session AI

Session AI, the pioneer and leader of in-session marketing, uses patented artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of purchase for each visitor in five clicks.

This gives your ecommerce brand the tools to convert anonymous site visitors into customers, without the use of personal data, resulting in reduced promotion spend and the ability to deliver real-time actions that are most effective for each individual vistors to increase overall conversion rate.

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