What is in-session marketing

In-session marketing is a significant new marketing technology for online sellers. This AI-powered marketing technology provides benefits in margin, conversion, revenue, inventory, and other important business metrics and works equally well for anonymous and known site traffic.

Why use in-session marketing

The largest online retailers trust in-session marketing. This technology works for businesses selling high-velocity and high-value goods. It works for products, services, and experiences. It works for online-only sellers and sellers with physical storefronts. It positively impacts the metrics and processes that matter to every leader in the business. In short, in-session marketing is the critical capability online businesses must learn in the age of AI.

A privacy-first world demands new approaches

Up to 90% of visitors are anonymous, and old approaches to personalization and matching aren’t enough in a cookieless world where consumers care about their privacy.

In-session marketing converts both known and anonymous visitors, using only session data. No customer data is ever needed for this patented AI.

Grow without relying on sitewide promotions

Many online businesses have become addicted to promos. Sitewide discounts can fuel growth, but they kill margin and brand perception. Customers are more price-conscious and less loyal, and competition is increasing. To keep growing, retailers must quit their addiction to promos.

In-session marketing has the unique power to reduce use of promos and discounting, while continuing to add growth.

Benefits of in-session marketing

With unique AI capabilities, Session AI’s in-session marketing platform produces uplift in key metrics including margin, CVR, and revenue. Business leaders can focus effort on the outcomes that matter most and change their tactics quickly as priorities change—all with reduced use of promos.

blueprint for better margins with in-session marketing

Improve product margin

In-session marketing increases product margin by reducing overall discounting. Actions can be tailored by product category and SKU to increase product velocity and reduce inventories without sacrificing margin for particular products.

Increase conversion, revenue, and AOV

In-session marketing raises overall conversion rates without the need to add new promos. More conversion of the same traffic leads to higher topline revenue. In addition, in-session marketing tactics can be used to boost order volumes for all products or for specific cart configurations.

Accelerate growth

Leaders know there is a trade-off among different metrics. With in-session marketing, online sellers gain a new capability to move key metrics significantly, resulting in faster growth along the dimensions that matter now. As commercial needs change, tactics can be adjusted with full visibility to the impact.

Who uses in-session marketing

Many functional leaders and online retail industries benefit from in-session marketing. This new AI capability is adopted by organizations that seek to gain competitive advantage and by leaders who champion cutting-edge technologies.

In-session marketing for ecommerce leaders

Ecommerce leaders need a new way to increase CVR, total orders, and AOV. In-session marketing provides the answer with behavior-based predictions that deliver real-time actions. A/B testing proves the uplift.

In-session marketing for marketing leaders

Marketing leaders must increase sales, attract new customers, and deploy cross-sell and upsell tactics that succeed. In-session marketing is what’s next for these leaders in a privacy-first, AI-driven world.

In-session marketing for operations leaders

Operations leaders need to deliver promotions, inventories, and customer experience at all times, without compromising commercial results.
In-session marketing is proven technology that offers new levers for these leaders to exceed business goals without new risks.

Retail and ecommerce businesses reduce reliance on promos

Some visitors are eager to buy. Others aren’t sure, and can be influenced with the right incentives. In-session marketing empowers ecommerce businesses to reserve their promos for the visitors who need them, replacing sitewide promo strategies with targeted promos.

With this fundamental new power, these businesses drive down their discount costs and improve margins significantly.

In-session marketing becomes the platform for intent-based strategies. The eager buyers can be offered upsell opportunities. Offers for influenceable buyers can be tested for maximum impact. Seasonal and inventory-based tactics can be deployed.

In-session marketing uses no personal data and works for all known and unknown site visitors.

Travel and hospitality businesses book more with more margin

When travelers are ready to book, operators need to be ready. In-session marketing lets travel and hospitality businesses use their best offers on the customers who will be most motivated by them, and show premium add-ons to the customers who will select them.

By understanding whether each site visitor is ready to book, these businesses can maintain a higher average booking price regardless of inventory.

Savvy operators use in-session marketing in harmony with all their customer acquisition strategies. They can sell off expiring inventory, display social proof, highlight special events, and more, with continuous A/B testing to maximize the business impact.

Telecom companies complete more renewals and signups

Some visitors are ready to sign up, while others need to be convinced. In the super-competitive telecoms world, providers must have the right offers and assistance for every visitor.

With Session AI, telecom companies understand which site visitors are considering a purchase or a subscription and immediately provide the offers and purchase support needed to convert them. Real-time data shows which offers work best with which visitors.

Providers can’t afford to sit still. With in-session marketing, they reduce promotional and support costs by directing efforts to the most critical visitors.

How does in-session marketing work?

In-session marketing uses patented AI technology to understand the purchase intent of each site visitor.

This AI observes the event stream of each visitor on the site. With this data, the AI predicts purchase intent, segments visitors into groups according to purchase intent, and delivers a targeted action to each visitor according to their group. The entire process takes place in real-time, while the visitor is on the site.

This approach requires no personal data and works for all site visitors known and unknown. In-session marketing is continuously A/B tested. With in-session marketing, online businesses gain an important new toolkit for increasing commercial performance.

Session AI’s in-session marketing platform is a technology promise made real: a purpose-built AI that delivers significant outcomes, offering powers that were never before possible.

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