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Deliver differentiated guest experiences based on behaviors and needs in real-time, ensuring a memorable and personalized booking experience.

“Imagine a world without campaigns, where things are completely automated and no customer slips through the cracks.”

– Nikhil Chandurkar, Product Management Leader

Session AI’s innovative use of privacy-first, in-session intelligence is helping enhance the online experience.

Predict and engage

Now you can determine whether each visitor will complete their booking and have the ability to influence and ensure they complete the transaction before they leave your site. Boost conversion rates while optimizing margins by offering hyper-targeted incentives to potential guests who need it most.

Personalize booking experiences

Welcome home. Greet your guests with unique messages and recommendations for add-ons that work for their style of travel, even for anonymous shoppers.

Engage guests with proactive messaging

Speak to just what your guests want and avoid distractions. Help your guests take advantage of time-sensitive offers while providing a seamless online booking experience.

Understand anonymous website visitors

No need for previous visitor history or third-party data. Session AI can access in-session behavior to determine if your anonymous visitor is actively considering booking today or just browsing.

early booking predictions

Get more bookings, revenue, and customer love

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