Travel and hospitality

Complete more online bookings with more margin. In-session marketing boosts price and inventory management strategies quickly and durably.

Some visitors want to book now, and others still need a little incentive. In-session marketing reserves incentives for the travelers who need them, so travel and hospitality businesses can achieve higher average pricing for all inventories.

Predict and segment site traffic

Session AI’s patented technology observes the click pattern of each visitor on your site. After five clicks, the AI accurately predicts the likelihood that each visitor will complete a booking—using only on-site behavior. With this data, visitors are segmented by their intent to book.

Take the right action for each visitor

For each visitor segment, you will define actions to present in real time. Visitors who are influenceable can be offered pricing incentives to book. Visitors who are eager to book can be offered upgrade incentives instead of discounts. All actions can be switched on and off as needed and are continuously A/B tested for performance.

The right actions increase average pricing

Many travel and hospitality businesses offer discounts to visitors who would have booked anyway. With segment-based incentives, businesses can better direct their pricing. Quickly they reduce discounts, raising average pricing while also increasing bookings with better targeting. They can even apply this benefit to expiring inventory.

The real-time platform for the modern operator

As their use of in-session marketing matures, travel and hospitality businesses use this AI to orchestrate additional actions: inventory management, social proof, special events, and more. The unique power of Session AI to drive conversion without personal data works in harmony with all other critical technologies for capacity management, operations, partnerships, and more.

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