Reduce reliance on promos

Sitewide offers make us feel sick, too. In-session marketing targets promotions to the visitors who need them, so you can pull back on sitewide discounts.

Discounts hurt margin and brand perception

Promos, coupons, and other discounts raise conversion and sales—but at a cost. In-session marketing lets you make the most of every promo dollar, and gives you levers to move to targeted onsite incentives instead of sitewide promos.

Brands and buyers are addicted to promos

Once you start relying on promos to sell, it’s very hard to stop. Customers get used to seeking discounts, and then your margins erode. Layering promos, time-limited coupons, gamification, and other tactics only add a little extra lift to constant sitewide efforts.

In-session marketing targets incentives

With in-session marketing from Session AI, now you can pull back promos from the visitors who don’t need them to convert. Instead, reserve offers for the visitors who need them. Continuous A/B testing and measurement ensures the right incentives find the right audiences.

predictions within 5 clicks on footwear website

Save millions with real-time segmentation and action

The unique capability of Session AI’s technology accurately identifies which visitors are likely to buy regardless of incentives, and which visitors need that extra nudge to buy. You’ll save millions on promo budget and raise conversion too. Feel better yet?

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