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Understand the intent of all your visitors


Over 90% of ecommerce web traffic is anonymous. If you can understand the intent of every visitor while they are on your site, you can better get them to convert no matter if they are known or anonymous.

In-Session Marketing Platform


Session AI’s in-session marketing platform uses our patented machine learning (ML) to increase conversion rates. We accomplish this within the first five clicks for each visitor, anonymous and known, without the need for third-party data or historical data. Session AI has driven success at scale on Fortune 100 ecommerce sites, yielding a substantial increase in conversion rates while simultaneously maximizing margins by withholding incentives for visitors who do not require discounts to complete their purchase.


Predict and Engage

Session AI determines whether each visitor will purchase or not and provides the ability to influence the outcome before they leave.

Understand Anonymous Users

Session AI intelligently identifies visitor characteristics early in their visit – without the need for any historical or third-party data

Create Urgency to Purchase

Highlight popular products by showing how many people are currently viewing each product, as well as how many are left in stock.

Drive to Physical Stores

Proactively send inventory notifications or loyalty rewards to drive conversion without discounts.

Session AI on AWS

By running on AWS, Session AI offers a multi-tenant SaaS solution that analyzes the click-stream data of your site visitors in real-time and identifies their intent within five (5) clicks. The joint solution allows you to take the appropriate next action within milliseconds, while the visitor is still on your site. The result allows you to make every visit count.

Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Learn which visitors are most likely to make a purchase and who is highly influenceable in this moment. Discover intent-based segments and use them to orchestrate in-session actions. Influence outcomes before a visitor leaves your app or site.

Dynamic, Smarter Actions

Micro-behaviors are what drives each of your site visitors to act. Their timescale of expression is very short – well beyond the reach of typical segmentation techniques. Session AI synthesizes each visitor’s data and delivers real-time actions to drive conversion and margin.

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