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Furniture Retailer Sees $2.1M Added Revenue in First Year

By implementing targeted promotions and real-time offers, this furniture retailer improved conversion rate by 7% with Session AI.

Furniture store

In summary

A national furniture retailer activated a variety of in-session marketing experiences to minimize reliance on promotions and reduce the friction of pop-ups in the shopping experience. The pop-up offers were replaced with less-intrusive targeted promotions. This targeted approach leveraged social proof and real-time offers, leading to a significant lift in incremental revenue.

With Session AI’s in-session marketing, the furniture retailer not only saw a big lift in conversion for anonymous site-wide visitors, but also improved metrics for AOV and RPV.

The challenges

The furniture retailer sought to influence customer journeys and deliver margin-positive incremental revenue. Determining how to create the right journey for any site visitor was difficult for the retailer because nearly all web traffic – 99.6% – was anonymous.

The existing solution was to present multiple pop-ups to each visitor, a strategy that created friction and inadequate email sign-ups and conversion.

The Director of Digital Merchandising, alongside the ecommerce team, sought a better way to direct each visitor to check out or to the next best action.

Selection of Session AI

The furniture retailer’s team selected Session AI’s in-session marketing platform because it was effective for anonymous visitors. In-session marketing offered the ability to show a message to each visitor based on which message was most likely to be effective.

The team was convinced by Session AI’s ability to use the purchase intent of each visitor to target messaging.

The results: Big boost in revenue and conversion

The Senior Director of Merchandising, alongside the ecommerce teams, achieved tremendous lifts in conversion and revenue with six high-performing experiences with Session AI. 

With real-time AI signals, the furniture retailer was able to use new levers to maximize their on-site performance. Some of these experiences included:

  • Social proofs such as product velocity on product detail pages – Improved CVR 7%  
  • Price savings messaging – $1M in incremental revenue
  • Real-time offers for persuadable visitors – $1.1M in added revenue and 22.6% CVR lift for the targeted segment of persuadable visitors
  • Email sign-up form for unlikely buyer segment – 19,000+ distracting popups kept away from likely buyers, reserving email capture only for those would would not buy during their current session.

Dynamic real-time offers encouraged consumers to add more to their carts by promoting greater discounts for larger purchases (e.g., $50 off a $300 purchase or $100 off a $500 purchase). These upsell strategies helped boost AOV 18% for visitors receiving the these offers. The retailer has had success refreshing the offers with seasonal creative as well. 

Using Session AI uncovered unique segments based on early purchase predictions. This session-based segmentation reserved discounts for the visitors who needed them and offered upsells to those who were already planning to make purchases. A significant volume of promotions presented as popups and sitewide offers were eliminated making way for targeted real-time offers.

Session AI continues to be the game-changing technology that this retailer uses to convert both anonymous and known site visitors in real-time.

The capability for us to test use cases specific to our business was a driving factor when we were evaluating Session AI.

Director, Digital Merchandising
Leading furniture retailer

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