Why PacSun uses in-session marketing

The future is in-session. Hear from Shirley Gao, the visionary CIO of PacSun, on what makes in-session marketing the perfect solution to lift revenue and drive conversions in a privacy-first world.

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We’re trying to resolve two things. One is the conversion rate; every ecommerce retailer is struggling with that. The other is the margin. With a long-time learning about what Session AI has to offer, I think it’s a perfect solution that resolves those two problems.

Shirley Gao, CIO of PacSun

Meet PacSun

PacSun, short for Pacific Sunwear, is a leading retail brand that has become synonymous with the laid-back and youthful California lifestyle. Established in 1980, PacSun offers a wide range of casual and surf-inspired clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand is renowned for its selection of trendy and relaxed apparel, often featuring graphic tees, comfortable jeans, and beachy accessories. PacSun’s target consumers typically value fashion that reflects a carefree and effortless attitude. With its iconic sun-soaked imagery and commitment to providing stylish yet comfortable attire, PacSun has carved a niche in the fashion market.

How PacSun uses in-session marketing

With Session AI, PacSun can now predict the likelihood to purchase in 5 clicks for anonymous consumers and use that intelligence to engage and convert them in-session. Knowing who will buy, not buy, or is on the fence, allows PacSun to deliver relevant and differentiated consumer experiences when they matter most – no personal or historical data needed.

Unlikely to buy

Will not buy

A visitor is unlikely to make a purchase in the current session.
Focus on building loyalty and long-term relationships rather than immediate conversions. Exposing sitewide offers to this group can dilute your brand image and train them to come looking for discounts next time.

a) Promote discovery
b) Promote loyalty
c) Promote in-store experiences
d) Email opt-in

On the fence


A visitor is on the fence about making the purchase, but influenceable.
It’s the right time to deploy experiences aimed at increasing conversions and guiding these visitors towards making a purchase. The goal is to provide the right combination of incentives, reassurances, and urgency to convert these on-the-fence visitors into customers.

a) Real-time offers
b) Free shipping
c) Scarcity nudge
d) Social proof

Likely to buy

Will buy

A visitor is likely to make a purchase in the current session.
The focus is on enhancing the shopping experience and maximizing revenue without relying heavily on discounts. Delivering relevant experiences to those shoppers helps optimize margins, reduce promotional costs, and potentially increase the average order value.

a) Suppress offers
b) Save margin
c) Cross-sell/upsell
d) BOPIS nudge

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