What is Customer DNA™ and its impact on customer engagement?

By Leslie Weller on March 9, 2022

predictions within 5 clicks on footwear website

DNA is unique to every individual. DNA is an important factor for advances in health, solving crimes and even uncovering long-lost family members.

Consider the book Inheritance by Dani Shapiro where, “in the spring of 2016, through a genealogy website to which she had whimsically submitted her DNA for analysis, Dani Shapiro received the stunning news that her father was not her biological father. A secret that had been kept from her for more than 50 years.”

In the same way that scientific DNA provides personalized information about each human individual, so too do new advances in behavioral intelligence detail a consumers’ digital makeup.

Session AI refers to its leading-edge innovation in digital consumer intelligence as Customer DNA™. Session AI holds seven patents for Customer DNA™ and in-session machine learning.

Customer DNA™ predicts consumer sentiment

Let’s explore Session AI’s Customer DNA™. Top brands leverage Customer DNA™ to unlock the value of real-time consumer data.

Just as no two people have the exact same DNA, no two consumers are exactly alike. How we behave on our digital devices varies from person to person and from day to day. The actions we take online and on our devices provide indicators of what’s important and what we’re looking to do. From a consumer perspective, the acts of browsing, researching and purchasing goods and services leave markers like DNA on your personal digital footprint.

Understand buyer intent within 5 clicks using Customer DNA™

Customer DNA™ uses clickstream data of customer events and interactions in real-time to predict behaviors.

Customer DNA™ predicts the propensity of a customer in that session to make a purchase. We call this Sesison AI’s Early Purchase Prediction (EPP) model. Early purchase prediction scores are calculated in real-time upon the 5th click and adjust instantaneously based on in-session intelligence.

With Early Purchase Prediction scores, retailers and ecommerce brands can micro-target groups of visitors in-the-moment based on what they show propensity to do right now. Session AI has additional machine learning models powered by Customer DNA™ tailored for vertical industries in telecom as well as retail, ecommerce, travel and financial services.

Customer DNA™ is multi-layered involving multi-channel activity, constant click stream event data, variables unique to vertical industries, price sensitivities and other factors.

Just like biological DNA, Customer DNA™ is unique to each customer or site visitor. Only unlike biological DNA, Customer DNA™ constantly changes because what brings us to a website varies from day to day. Therefore what a shopper wants during any particular visit will shift based on what’s important to them in that moment. Picking up on those immediate cues is at the core of Customer DNA™ which powers Session AI’s in-session marketing platform.

Personalization for anonymous visitors using Customer DNA™

In today’s hyper-connected world, customers expect businesses to cater to their needs in real-time, all the time. With innovations, like Customer DNA™ from Session AI, meeting consumers’ expectations for personalized experiences becomes possible even for anonymous visitors.

Customer DNA™ does not require historical data, nor personally identifiable information (PII). Its powerful technology is built for a privacy-forward future. Essentially, it allows businesses to meaningfully engage with user activity as it occurs, based on what the models predict for each visitor.

Contact us to learn more about Customer DNA™ and how it drives conversions in your industry.

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