Empowering business users to build powerful customer experiences

By Team Session AI on May 20, 2020

Business users can now create data-led customer experiences swiftly with Session AI

For years, marketers and business users have sought to engage customers with interactions that are contextual, relevant, and meaningful. Achieving this goal, however, requires a strategic approach to data and technology. This poses a challenge for many because of the shortage of right skills, siloed data, lack of processes and technologies in place. As a result, many businesses are unable to take advantage of all of that data at hand to make an impact.

Well, the time to get it right is now! In today’s rapidly changing consumer consumption environment and an even stronger push for all-things-digital because of the pandemic, the need to understand the shifts in online buying behavior in real-time is critical. It is also crucial to apply this continuous customer intelligence to provide in-session experiences. Such experiences, when delivered at the moment when the engagement is most relevant and meaningful, increase customer satisfaction and influence purchase decisions.

According to NTT Ltd’s Annual 2020 Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, tailored recommendations such as content, offers, and experiences at scale have the potential to create $1.7 trillion to $3 trillion in new value.

In light of this unprecedented demand for digital customer engagement, Session AI is introducing The Experience Gallery. This powerful new feature of Session AI’s in-session marketing platform essentially puts the power of data scientists in the hands of business users to enable them to swiftly react and engage online buyers.

Session AI’s Experience Gallery feature puts the power of data scientists in the hands of business users to enable them to swiftly react and engage online buyers.

Introducing The Experience Gallery

The Experience Gallery allows marketers and business users to select from a variety of pre-built templates and custom templates within the UI to launch and manage in-session customer experiences. Business users can easily view the performance of these experiences remotely via an intuitive dashboard across any device.

On-the-fence Shoppers

This enhancement evolves the in-session marketing platform to address three key needs of business users:

  1. Publish experiences without coding

    Dependency on data scientists and developers has the tendency to slow down the deployment of new use cases. The Experience Gallery removes this dependency through templates that make publishing customer experiences simple for a non-technical user. This reduces time to go-live and makes it easy to reuse and customize working experiences.

  2. Provide simple workflows to build experiences

    The out-of-the-box experience templates have simple workflows, empowering business users to quickly configure and publish experiences in three easy steps: answering customization questions, configuring testing, and reviewing / publishing.

  3. Easily measure and share the success stories

    Business users can easily measure business success metrics using goals and experience-specific dashboards, to share performance and demonstrate the ROI of their published experiences.

As we continue to add to these out-of-the-box experience templates to in-session marketing, here are a couple examples to help you understand the power of the platform – Experiences for on-the-fence-shoppers and experiences that create product urgency to nudge the online visitor further in their buying journey.

On-the-Fence Shopper Experience Template

This template provides business users a way to engage shoppers who are on-the-fence about a purchase with contextual content relevant to them. This is a retail template with ML driven real-time offers for on-the-fence shoppers. This experience creates an opportunity to highlight offers or available loyalty rewards to increase the likelihood of purchase in the current session.

The main objective here is to leverage machine learning to predict intent by the site visitor’s fifth click. Our Early Purchase Propensity model identifies site visitors who will not buy under normal circumstances during the current session but can be influenced to buy in the same visit. They are identified based on the visitor’s purchase propensity score falling within a specified range. Business users can customize this experience by selecting the target propensity score range.

Once on-the-fence shoppers are identified, the platform shows them information that can convince them to buy during the same visit. Typically, this information is in the form of ML-driven dynamic offers that are:

— Margin aware as in the offer value is based on the cart value and is margin positive
— Single-use offers available for limited time
— Offer value is based on real-time purchase trends

On-the-fence Shoppers

Product Urgency Experience Template

About 66% of consumers will buy a product if shown social proof that others are also interested in a product. This is a retail template with the goal to harness real-time trending data on the number of views for a product, purchases, and inventory. This trending data is displayed on the product detail page. The template allows for the display of unit product sales to inform the visitor of the number of units being sold while they are still browsing. Simply put, this experience uses social proof to reduce product confusion and create urgency to purchase products popular with other shoppers.

For example, for popular product detail pages, if the minimum threshold for views or purchases has been met, the platform displays a message reflecting the current popularity. Business users can customize this experience by specifying the minimum number of views or purchases.

Product Urgency Badges

Both these new templates strongly enhance the business users’ ability to create engaging shopping experiences to encourage sales. Business users can follow online shoppers from device to device throughout the purchase decision process.

Business Experience for Solutions Developers

Additionally, our latest product release enables technical solutions developers to create custom experience templates. They can now build experience templates within the Session AI in-session marketing platform UI with additional features such as segments and triggers. They can also seamlessly integrate customized experiences, based on the pre-existing Product Urgency and On-the-Fence-Shoppers templates, into specific ecommerce opportunities to create unique opportunities for online shoppers. As always, they continue to have the flexibility to build with JavaScript to create customizable experience templates to meet specific needs.

Triggered Experience

Engagement Dashboard with Mobile User Interface

Adding to the business user’s and technical solutions developers’ ability to swiftly engage and manage online shopping interactions is the upgraded Engagement Dashboard now accessible via any mobile device. The dashboard provides a unified view of key metrics to better monitor performance anywhere at any time. It also provides details of comparing test vs. control group results. Further, technical users are able to monitor experiences and provide updates based on business user feedback to ensure a holistic and continual updating of Business Experience templates and campaign performance.

Triggered Experience

We Are In This Together

Making sense of the high volume and velocity of customer data that businesses collect these days was critical for marketers even before the pandemic hit us. However, now it is more important than ever for businesses to understand their site visitors’ intent quickly and accurately to serve up relevant, meaningful, and contextual information that drives value and builds trust. Session AI understands that in this environment, speed is of the essence and so is the ability of marketers and business users to own and control interactions with their customers. The new enhancements to the Session AI in-session marketing platform simplify the way an enterprise marketer makes adjustments to digital experiences on the go. The result is a more robust platform that encourages sales and customer retention in a data-driven manner.

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