Building stronger software solutions through partnerships at Session AI

By Ian Nadeau on March 10, 2023

A software product typically requires extensions and integrations to fully solve customer problems. Technology and services partnerships help a product realize its full potential by extending capabilities and solving complex business challenges.  

How do you choose the right technology partner? 

You first need to find a company with complementary offerings and expertise around how to successfully integrate them with your product to form something capable of delivering a full-service solution. 

Session AI partners with Pega

Read the Session AI press release >

Read the Pega press release >

Session AI works with Pega to bring our real-time marketing platform to the Pega Marketplace

“Session AI’s solution processes digital behaviors in real time, predicts intent, and delivers signals for Pega Customer Decision Hub to help customer engagement teams make decisions and present the next-best-action for each visitor all in microseconds.”

Vince Jeffs, senior director, product strategy – marketing and decisioning, Pega

Session AI uncovers customer intent while in-session for both known and anonymous users. Pega is built to provide next-best-actions, and the solution can be further optimized with leading-edge intent triggers provided by Session AI. Pega can connect intent to actions for known digital visitors, but the product loses functionality when it comes to anonymous web traffic (which can be upwards of 90% of total site views). Session AI fills that void by revealing the intent of those 9 in 10 visitors and connects them to Pega’s automated decisioning capabilities.  

See how Sesison AI and Pega are already creating value for a Fortune 500 U.S. telecom provider. 

Who can benefit from partnering with Session AI?

Session AI offers a micro-service of intent data in-session — a solution that perfectly compliments ecommerce, personalization, offer management, and marketing platforms. Knowing the purchase likelihood of site visitors unlocks smarter ways for these products to go about tailoring experiences that result in increased revenue and customer loyalty while decreasing margin loss by optimizing promotional offers. However, Session AI is just half of the puzzle. 

“If you know the intent of everyone, but you don’t do anything with it, you never get the value out of the technology.”

Jeff Miller, VP global partnerships, alliances and corporate development, Session AI

Session AI is built to predict buyer intent within 5 clicks. Want to know when or if you should deploy an offer? We can help you with that. Need to personalize experiences without personally identifiable information (PII)? We got you covered. Session AI integrates with your software to help optimize the solution and realize its full value. 

Want to join the Session AI Partner Network? Contact us today to be a part of our growing ecosystem of technology and solutions partners who are building more compelling real-time marketing solutions.

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