Reimagine consumer experiences in a privacy-first world

By Ian Nadeau on July 17, 2023

Marketing solutions are only as good as the datasets that fuel them. Every year, poor data costs U.S. businesses $600 billion. That is because brands are taking action on outdated or wrong insights. In-session marketing ensures that the data being actioned on is at peak relevance by only inputting what’s currently happening into the models. This way of thinking is becoming more critical as the world shifts to a privacy-first view of web traffic data — with anonymous visits now accounting for 90% of site traffic. Because of this, ecommerce has to rethink how they tailor experiences with little to no consumer information. 

Session AI, the pioneer of in-session marketing, partnered with Adobe, the leader in business solutions, to create the answer for today’s privacy-first world. At Session AI, we accurately predict purchase intent using a combination of clickstream data, advanced artificial intelligence (AI), and proprietary machine learning (ML) models. This intelligent trio synthesizes consumer micro-behaviors and reveals purchase propensity — all within five clicks. 

Combined with in-session marketing, Adobe business solutions can meet the expectations of today’s digital-savvy shopper, uncover the true value of clickstream data, and continue to tailor experiences while maintaining regulatory compliance and respecting consumer privacy.

Meet consumer experience expectations

77% of today’s shoppers are more likely to choose, recommend, or pay more when an ecommerce brand delivers personalization. More often than not, consumer expectations for tailored shopping experiences go unmet as just 27% of companies say that they are fully satisfied with their ability to deliver truly personalized customer experiences using data collected across digital channels.  

In-session marketing solves the complexity of custom experiences in a privacy-first world by monitoring session engagement and dynamically adjusting the journey around visitor micro-behaviors. This is done while the consumer is actively shopping with each click funneling actionable insights into Adobe products to power its conversion-driving decisioning.

Realize clickstream data revenue potential

Clickstream data is in-session intelligence that’s gathered throughout a site visit. Every click creates a new data point that can be tracked, analyzed, and acted on — in real-time. 

These insights include: 

  • First page visited
  • Site navigation
  • Page visit duration
  • Each page visited

This in-the-moment monitoring enables ecommerce brands to improve their understanding of how the customer goes from prospect to purchase. While individual clickstream data can be insightful, the real magic of this intelligence occurs at scale (think millions of sessions). 

As brands focus on how consumers interact with their websites, patterns start to surface — allowing our AI models to predict intent and nudge Adobe products to surface the right next steps.

Provide tailored and compliant customer experiences

Rather than toeing the line between regulatory compliance and personalization expectations, brands can turn to in-session marketing. By emphasizing clickstream data over historical data, CRM, and third-party cookies, ecommerce sites can deliver regulatory-compliant tailored experiences — as clickstream doesn’t require any PII to understand why the visitor is on their site.  

Picture a customer coming to your site. Do they have a product in mind or are they just browsing? Are there other items they could be interested in based on what they’re currently looking at? Looking at site visits in this manner allows in-session marketing to become a conversation tool that listens to consumer intent and reacts accordingly. The insights provided through these interactions empower Adobe with real-time data that’s agile, reliable, and completely in compliance with data regulations.

“You have to have a solution that enables value-add to that population that focuses on results rather than identification. In-session marketing, being able to understand the session behavior without having historical context, is where retailers must look to optimize their ecommerce revenue. That’s where the focus needs to go.”

Debjani Deb, CEO and Co-Founder of Session AI

Supercharge Adobe’s capabilities

Your solution is only as good as your data. Adobe Target uses AI-powered A/B testing to personalize and automate experiences. While the tool is undoubtedly incredible, its strength relies on valid insights. Combined with Session AI’s in-session marketing, solutions like Adobe Target can accomplish their goals of helping brands “find that one customer in a million, and give them what they want”.

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