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Powering the customer journey through AI and ML

Understand, activate, and engage In Session AI’s Thought Leadership Interview series, we sit down with experts from across industries to discuss the latest movements and technologies transforming the customer experience. Over the years, retail has evolved from being merchant driven to customer specific. Where once if a customer came to a store looking for a […]

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AI-based personalization surpasses its rules-based counterpart

Why marketing leaders rely upon AI-powered personalization Customers now expect increasingly personalized shopping experiences that take into account their individual expectations, likes, dislikes, and intentions. Retailers are able to personalize interactions, messages, information and offers when dealing with a relatively small number of customers. However, to personalize experience at scale — for every customer, taking […]

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Retail intelligence in action

Top 5 examples of AI & ML to enhance your enterprise’s customer experience strategy Experts often discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models that intelligently react to customer intent in real time, but what do these capabilities look like in action? In our “Intelligence in Action” series, we’re exploring the most […]

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Must haves for true machine learning

Debunking the top myths surrounding machine learning models for smart customer engagement We’ve all heard about machine learning (ML) and its promise to change how brands interact with customers who desire to be engaged in relevant, authentic ways. Defined as a computerized algorithm that learns from past data to predict future outcomes, ML technology is […]

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