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Measurable Revenue Growth

Session AI’s in-session marketing is powered by patented AI models that accurately predict purchase intent in-the-moment and automatically identify micro-segments to help brands deploy relevant experiences that convert.

Return on Investment

Session AI’s early prediction models and in-session marketing capabilities have delivered $80 million in attributed revenue growth for top-tier brands.

Lift in Sales

Session AI’s Customer DNA™ identifies buyer intent and enables eCommerce brands to rapidly deploy personalized experiences — providing up to 56% lift in conversion rates for our customers.

Margin Optimization

Knowing whether a visitor is likely to buy, bounce, or is on-the-fence can determine who gets a promotional incentive — an advantage that gives Session IA users an 88% reduction in margin loss.

With In-Session Marketing


Session AI’s Customer DNA™ relies on clickstream data rather than personal identifiable information (PII) to understand customer intent and relay purchase predictions in real-time — enabling relative, converting experiences for both anonymous and known visitors.

For Strategic Onsite Experiences


Just because 90% of your visitors are anonymous doesn’t mean you can’t personalize their experience. Micro-segment your web traffic to present them with appropriate banners based on their in-session engagements rather than conducting a “spray and pray” approach.

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