Meet Session AI at CommerceNext – Kiosk #115

Convert anonymous visitors with AI

Session AI, the most powerful AI in ecommerce, enables leading brands to convert anonymous consumers by their 5th click in-session without any PII — generating millions in new revenue.

Session AI at CommerceNext

Hear from Session AI’s CMO

Jason Seeba

AI: Rewriting the Ecommerce Playbook

Wednesday, June 12, at 2:55-3:15 pm.

AI has changed the way ecommerce brands manage operations and engage with their customers. Which AI solutions are making the biggest impact today?

Session AI CMO, Jason Seeba, will share the latest use cases and insights on the power of AI in ecommerce and its direct impact on business outcomes – from boosting margins to driving conversions.

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Dinner event at Gabriel Kreuther

Dinner at Gabriel Kreuther

Tuesday, June 11, 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Connect with ecommerce and marketing visionaries at the prestigious French restaurant, Gabriel Kreuther. Engage in insightful conversations on the power of AI in ecommerce, and its ability to create relevant and engaging consumer experiences.

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Why PacSun uses in-session marketing

“We’re trying to resolve two things. One is the conversion rate; every ecommerce retailer is struggling with that. The other is the margin. With a long-time learning about what Session AI has to offer, I think it’s a perfect solution that resolves those two problems.” – Shirley Gao, CIO of PacSun

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