Session AI Announces New Capabilities to Increase Margin with Real-Time Incentives

Session AI Announces New Capabilities to Increase Margin with Real-Time Incentives

December 14, 2023

Milpitas, CA. – (Dec. 14, 2023) – Session AI, the pioneer of in-session marketing, today announced general availability of new features for increasing margins with real-time incentives. These features collectively allow Session AI customers to design, deploy, and measure their real-time incentives with greater precision and speed, both accelerating the time to value and increasing the overall value realized from in-session marketing.

“Retailers are under margin pressure more than ever,” said Scott Ollivier, Senior Vice President of Product at Session AI. “With this announcement, we’re delivering advances in machine learning, analytics, and user experience so innovative retailers can maintain margins and increase growth.”

Session AI uniquely delivers incentives to site visitors based on their purchase intent. This capability enables customers to save promotional dollars and increase conversion rates by directing incentives where they are most valuable. For example, retailers can suppress offers for visitors who are already going to buy and focus discounts only on those who need them. Purchase intent for each visitor is calculated using behavioral AI, without any collection or use of personal data.

The features available today include the following:

  • Incentives Insights Dashboard. This console shows overall incentives and revenue driven by Session AI, including real-time calculations of conversion rates, discount rates, and the overall yield for in-session marketing. These insights are shown for the business overall and for each AI-generated predictive segment: likely-to-buy, on-the-fence, and unlikely-to-buy. This console provides crucial communication on the before-and-after impact of in-session marketing so retailers can easily determine where to focus incentives dollars for maximum return on investment.
  • Session Path Visualizations. This new set of charts shows how visitors move through the retailer’s site from the point of landing on site through delivery of incentives, with a focus on predictive segments. The visualizations make it easy for business users to understand the trends occurring in use of incentives, and provide a convenient way to communicate how visitors experience real-time incentives.
  • Continuous Learning and Prediction. As the AI assigns each visitor to segments based on their purchase intent, opportunities exist to adjust the thresholds for each segment in order to further increase yield and conversion. Previously these threshold adjustments were manual. With continuous learning and prediction, retailers can opt to have the AI adjust thresholds over time to target yield and conversion goals, without manual user reassignment. This new technology reduces the effort required to maintain segments and increases the financial impact of the Session AI platform.
  • Day-One Model. Session AI now offers a model trained with billions of prior sessions at launch. As the model trains on the retailer’s data, the model automatically learns from the retailer’s unique visitors. This automatic modeling reduces the time to value by allowing for yield-positive incentives on day one, without a need for model training. Business users can see the yield and impact from the Incentives Insights Dashboard.

“Our customers rely on Session AI to get the maximum impact from every incentive dollar. Today’s announcement includes more ways that we are helping our customers take each dollar further,” remarked Session AI CEO and co-founder Debjani Deb. “With in-session marketing, brands are realizing a material impact that leaders are already sharing on earnings calls. Session AI customers reduce their overall reliance on sitewide promos, and now they can improve their margin performance faster than ever.”

About Session AI
Session AI is the pioneer of in-session marketing, the critical capability that leading online retailers need to convert site visitors in a privacy-first world. Using patented artificial intelligence, Session AI predicts purchase intent in five clicks, enabling online retailers to provide each visitor with the right incentive in real time. Major brands rely on Session AI to increase conversion and margin without the need for personally identifiable information or third-party cookies. Learn more about the future of ecommerce marketing at

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