Feeling the squeeze?

Get new, more efficient controls over how to spend your online promo budget.

The price is right

Not every visitor to your website needs an incentive to checkout. But wouldn’t you like to know who does? Our patented Session AI Customer DNA™ lets you reserve promotional discounts for visitors who may need a little nudge to complete their purchase.

Stop giving away margin

With early purchase predictions you can suppress offers from your likeliest of buyers and stop giving away margin unnecessarily.

Measure the difference

Session AI works with your analytics team to track revenue lift and margin savings against control groups. Together, we’ll make sure the numbers are solid.

Target anonymous and known

In-session marketing lifts conversion rates 25.0% for targeted segments of anonymous sessions, on average. And 29.6% lift for known.

The future is in-session

Your visitors are giving you buying signals with every tap, swipe, and click. Let our advanced AI unlock new segments for you. Adjust promotions when it’s most effective – while they’re right there with you.

Goodbye sitewide offers. Hello higher revenue.

Our clients see 10X and up return on their Session AI investment. You can too. And we make it easy to get started.

You’re in good company

Gain a competitive advantage and see why industry leaders are already using Session AI

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