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Use AI to convert anonymous visitors

Session AI enables leading brands to convert anonymous shoppers by their 5th click in-session without any PII — generating millions in new revenue.

Phocuswright 2023

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Jason Seeba

Use AI to convert anonymous consumers

Monday, November 13, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

In today’s digital age, consumers value their privacy more than ever, making anonymous browsing and booking increasingly common. In this session, Jason Seeba, CMO of Session AI, will share how new advances in AI enable leading brands to engage and convert anonymous visitors in-session.

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Join us on Monday, November 13, 5:30 pm for a memorable evening of fine dining, great wine, and networking with industry leaders at Diplomat Prime, a luxury boutique steakhouse.

Come connect with fellow digital, ecommerce and marketing executives over conversations on the power of Al and its role in creating engaging consumer experiences.

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About Session AI

Session AI’s in-session marketing (ISM) platform is built for the world’s leading ecommerce companies. Our AI technology relies only on real-time behavioral data (clickstream), making it the perfect solution for a privacy-first world. Session AI is the only ISM platform that can predict the likelihood to purchase in 5 clicks for anonymous traffic and use that intelligence to engage and convert visitors in-session.

Leading brands like Verizon, Men’s Wearhouse, and Slumberland Furniture have seen remarkable results, with millions in immediate incremental revenue.

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