Blueprint for better margins

Explore how brands can optimize promotional strategies and maximize margins through in-session marketing.

blueprint for better margins with in-session marketing

Five steps to better margins

promos for acquisition vs promos for conversion

Two are better than one

Instead of relying solely on sitewide offers, split your promo budget between two strategies – one for sitewide offers and one for targeted incentives.

This approach has led to a total ecommerce revenue increase of 3.9% for a leading retailer. The retailer shifted a portion of the budget for sitewide promos, which were also advertised to acquire traffic, to the targeted incentives that raised both revenue and conversion.


Using real-time offers to convert

Unadvertised promos for conversion

Using the power of AI, deliver unadvertised single-use discounts, so-called “real-time incentives,” only to those on-the-fence shoppers who need a nudge to convert in-session. This tactic enhances the brand and makes your website look less promotional.

After integrating real-time incentives into their promo strategy, a furniture retailer saw an average conversion lift of 41% for the target audience.

Discount-free promotions

Promos without discounts

Discounts aren’t the only promos at a brand’s disposal.

Free shipping, bonus rewards points, gift with purchase, BOPUS nudges, and more can be deployed to convert influenceable shoppers while they are still in-session.

Improve your effective online discount rate

Know when not to discount

Leverage in-session marketing to identify customers who are likely to make a purchase in the current session and suppress any additional discounts for likely-to-buy shoppers to save margins.

A leading auto parts retailer has reduced their effective online discount rate by 35% by incorporating in-session marketing into their strategy.

test and optimize ecommerce promotions

Test and optimize

Continuously test and optimize promo strategies using in-session marketing to ensure maximum effectiveness and ROI.

By tracking and analyzing customer behavior, brands can better understand what works and what doesn’t and adjust their promo strategies accordingly.

How Session AI generates new revenue and saves margins

Session AI, the most powerful AI in ecommerce, enables leading brands to convert anonymous consumers by their 5th click in-session without any PII and generates millions in new revenue.

See it in action

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