Case study

Leading footwear brand

The shift to Session AI has the retailer projecting a 5% move on $220M in ecommerce revenue and a 20x return on their investment.

The results


move on $220M in ecommerce revenue


average conversion rate (CVR) lift on OTF segment


average revenue per visitor (RPV) lift on OTF segment


incremental revenue in a one-week period


A billion-dollar footwear brand was delivering a friction-filled experience to its users — resulting in avoidable conversionless sessions. The brand was also finding it difficult to tailor its promotions to those valuable on-the-fence (OTF) shoppers who need a nudge to convert. This lack of promotional segemention had the retailer showing discounts to every session, regardless of the visitor’s purchase propensity, draining the brand’s margins and promotions budget.

How we helped

Creating a frictionless ecommerce experience required upgrading to real-time customer experiences (CX) powered by in-session marketing. The footwear retailer can now target on-the-fence shoppers (an average of 1.3M monthly visitors) with tailored offers. This both protects margins and optimizes their promotions budget by only offering discounts to those who need them to convert. Further, the retailer improved how they engage with visitors by enhancing their messaging with social proof to build shopper urgency and drive conversions.

Real-time revenue

Real-time offers are based on the purchase intent of every session, both anonymous and known. This AI-driven identifier enables in-session marketing to verify who is on-the-fence — aka influenceable — and display a personalized discount that incentivizes them to convert. The footwear retailer incorporated real-time offers into its promotions strategy and realized a 38% CVR lift on average for its on-the-fence sessions.

Up the average

Seventy-seven percent of consumers choose, recommend, or pay more for an ecommerce brand that provides personalized experiences. In-session marketing enables the footwear retailer to personalize its known and anonymous site visits by predicting the purchase propensity of every shopper by the fifth click. Knowing who is on the site to shop, browse, or is somewhere in between unlocks new CX strategies for the retailer. This has helped the brand see a 35% lift in average RPV.

Strength in numbers

Social proof is a powerful driver of conversions in ecommerce. The footwear retailer tapped into that by creating urgency around its products by prominently displaying page views and the number of shoppers who have that item in their cart. Through social proof, as well as other in-session marketing use cases, the retailer has realized $200k incremental revenue in just a one-week period.

Session AI ROI

Every implementation of in-session marketing helps the footwear brand create a smooth ecommerce experience by removing the previous interruptions that were built to capture personally identifiable information (PII) — since ISM doesn’t need it to build effective, personal visits. The shift to ISM has the retailer projecting a 5% move on $220M in ecommerce revenue and a 20x return on their investment with Session AI.

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