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What is a real-time offer?

A real-time offer is a targeted discount to the on-the-fence shopper that lifts the conversion rate by giving a well-timed nudge to complete their purchase. Using prediction models to assign a purchase propensity score for each website visitor, we tested sitewide against real-time offers by measuring lift over the control for each propensity group.

We have done this for several eCommerce leaders and the results are consistent:

    • Conversion rate lift for on-the-fence shoppers is significantly higher than for all other groups.

    • The increase in conversion rate for some groups was barely worth the impact on margin.

    • The conversion rate for some groups is actually reduced(!) by showing offers.

Great, real-time offers work. But what if your promo calendar is completely saturated with other offers? Read the ebook to get three steps to level-up your promotion strategy with real-time offers.

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