The state of in-session marketing 2023: An ecommerce report

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The state of in-session marketing 2023 ecommerce report is an inaugural report produced by Session AI. It includes survey data as well as findings from over 100M ecommerce sessions and the impact of in-session marketing on purchase conversion rates.

Key findings include

Percentage of site visits that are anonymous


Percentage of retailers worried about converting anonymous visitors


Percentage of retailers concerned about data privacy regulation compliance


Campaigns targeting on-the-fence sessions using in-session marketing resulted in a

25.0% CVR lift

for anonymous consumers

Ecommerce is struggling to convert anonymous

Searching for a solution, top retailers are looking to in-session marketing — an emerging martech category that focuses on understanding the micro-behaviors of anonymous (and known) consumers to increase onsite conversions. Download the report to see how in-session marketing gives ecommerce the insights needed to make every session count.

Download the report

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