Preserve margin

Preserve margin by applying your promotional spend to the sessions that matters most

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Drive incremental revenue

Session AI observes ecommerce visitor behavior and automatically adjusts who receives which offer to maximize overall sales. Upsell products to high propensity shoppers. Reserve promotional discounts only for visitors who need to be influenced with an incentive.

Suppress offers using sophisticated models

What makes Session AI offer suppression so unique is the platform’s ability to discover purchase intent early in that session, and intelligently adjust or suppress an offer in real-time.

Your visitors are giving you buying signals

Are you listening? Session AI’s patented Customer DNA™ technology uses continuous sequencing to calculate early purchase propensity scores in real-time, at scale. We’ll work with your analytics and ecommerce teams to optimize and track monthly margin savings compared with control groups.

predictions within 5 clicks on footwear website

Session AI fits into your existing tech stack

Our in-session marketing platform can be implemented as a full solution with predictions, triggered experiences and measured outcomes. And yet, you may choose to integrate Session AI’s intelligence layer with your own testing, promotions and personalization tools. The choice is yours.

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