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2020 Company Standouts

This Year’s Leaders in Customer Personalization & Predictive Engagements While a shift toward personalization and predictive engagements has been dominating for years, COVID-19 accelerated the pace of technological adoption and innovation almost overnight. According to a global survey of executives, in just a few months’ time, COVID-19 accelerated the digitization of their customer service, supply […]

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2021: The Year of Personalization

Uncovering How 1:1 Personalization Will Continue to Shape Business in 2021 2020 was a year of rapid change for nearly every industry. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic made it essential for enterprises to look to innovation and technology to ensure outreach remained relevant, timely, and targeted.  In particular, as limitations were placed on brick-and-mortar […]

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Key Takeaways from NRF 2021

Consumer Sentiment and Dealing with Uncertain Times NRF 2021, Retail’s Big Show – Chapter 1, was a recognition of the retail industry’s resilience in the face of the pandemic and its continued impact on the economy. The industry’s ability to adapt in a time of crisis showed through innovations with which retailers pivoted to serve […]

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Is There Wind in Your Sails?

Navigating the e-commerce waters successfully, during the pandemic and beyond Momentum is a funny thing. Without it, you can’t sail your ship. With it, you must navigate carefully to ensure the wind stays in your sails. In the world of digital commerce, there are often many ships-a-sail requiring careful navigation.  With the acceleration of e-commerce […]

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The Smart Way to Play the Margins

There are many ways to conduct digital commerce with consumers. However, just like any business, you have to target, attract and keep customers to stay in business. This is true if you’re a retailer, bank, restaurant, hotel, or grocer. The challenge for online businesses is to know who to target and retain from all the […]

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Customer Data Management

Everything you want to know about collecting and managing customer data It’s no secret that digital marketing has taken over. If you’re not keeping up to date on the best practices of how to compete in the digital marketing age you’ll quickly be left behind in the digital dust. Customer data management has always been […]

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 1

The Disruption to Businesses It is no secret that the world of e-commerce changed significantly with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The disruption to business has been severe, especially in the retail segments of grocery, quick service restaurants, and home goods. With employees becoming front-line workers, supply chains, and inventory disruption, a major shift […]

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 2

Changing Attitudes of the Omnichannel Consumer While businesses were scrambling to meet the changes the pandemic caused, interrupted supply chains, changing operating hours, shifting employee needs, consumers were adopting new attitudes and demands as well. The shift in consumer sentiment mirrored the cultural and economic events suddenly thrust on them by the pandemic. Here are […]

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 3

The Growth of Personalization and Its Importance in Meeting Consumer Needs Personalization, sometimes known as customization or 1-1 marketing has always been a key component of winning and keeping customers. Mom and Pop businesses know the value of learning each customer’s likes and dislikes, ordering ahead for them or putting away hard-to-find items for that […]

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