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How Verizon uses in-session marketing to increase conversions

Digitally native customers want real-time experiences. How can you deliver that in a privacy-first world? This is the question being asked of Verizon’s SVP of digital marketing and base management, Diana Zaccardi, and the VP of digital, Chris Paul.  The best companies, like Verizon, have raised the bar for what online shoppers expect from ecommerce.  […]

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Top ecommerce marketing strategies for 2023

What works in this privacy-first world and what needs to be eliminated from your eCommerce marketing strategy? Below highlights the top tactics for 2023.

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CommerceNext 2022: Leaders in ecommerce find growth in customer centricity

Growth for ecommerce in this shaky economic environment depends on the same thing it always has: the customer. We went to CommerceNext to see what industry leaders are doing today to succeed.

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A world without cookies and the rise of in-session CX

Third-party cookies are on the decline, and the logical next step for marketers is to take advantage of strategies and solutions to meet the demands of digital consumers while in-session on their sites. And the key to providing better customer engagement while onsite is by delivering a personalized shopping experience.

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 4

Strategies for Success and the Role of Omnichannel Personalization As technology has proliferated the retail landscape, consumers have come to expect a less generic and more personalized shopping experience. The pandemic served to heighten those expectations as consumers increased their reliance on digital channels. While the business disruptions associated with the pandemic (such as store […]

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Winning the E-commerce Race, Part 2

Changing Attitudes of the Omnichannel Consumer While businesses were scrambling to meet the changes the pandemic caused, interrupted supply chains, changing operating hours, shifting employee needs, consumers were adopting new attitudes and demands as well. The shift in consumer sentiment mirrored the cultural and economic events suddenly thrust on them by the pandemic. Here are […]

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One to one marketing – what it is and why it’s here to stay

Table of contents 1. What is one-to-one marketing? 2. What is the goal of one-to-one marketing? 3. What is a customized marketing strategy? 4. How do you personalize marketing? 5. Basic one-to-one marketing strategy – implement your personalized marketing strategy 6. Advanced one-to-one marketing strategy – implement your personalized marketing strategy 7. One-to-one marketing advantages […]

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How to take personalization to the next level — from wherever you are now

Personalization is not a tactic, it’s a data strategy It’s an established fact that personalization delivers dramatic results. An HBR study quantified the benefits of personalization as an ROI of five to eight times the initial marketing spend and sales lift of 10% or more. Because personalization is, at its core a data-led business strategy, the […]

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Artificial intelligence and the modern marketing landscape

What is the role of artificial intelligence in marketing? In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a hot topic in nearly every industry, promising transformative benefits to an increasingly global market. When it comes to marketing, however, which historically has hinged on human-based interactions and personalization, is there a place for AI? To […]

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